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Operation Remnant Addresses Spiritual Abuse

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Operation Remnant

Operation Remnant


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Join the Operation Remnant Team as we continue our discussion on the topic of Spiritual Abuse. We will be discussing the chapter of Spiritual Abuse from the book Tired of Trying to Measure Up by Jeff VanVonderen. In this chapter, Jeff describes how spiritual abuse works, abuse in the Old Testament, abuse in the Gospels, abuse in the Epistles, and abuse in the church today.

We'll examine real-world examples, ranging from, inflicting emotional and psychological damage upon members to sexual assault at the hands of those entrusted to help spiritually mature those seeking a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Jeff interjects scripture from the books of Jeremiah, Matthew, and Galatians, which we, the Operation Remnant Team, will take an even closer look at what was going on then and how it applies to modern-day believers. Has the body of the Messiah become lazy by placing too much of its allegiance into men and therefore become disobedient to Yah? Is this all a plot of the enemy to deceive believers into giving up their authority and power as Yah’s anointed or are believers deceiving themselves by allowing leadership to dictate the “working out of their salvation”? In Psalms 118:8, Yah said, "It is better to take refuge in Yahuah than to trust in man"; then He found it necessary to emphasize "princes" in the very next verse. Is there a message there for the believer that has been overlooked?

Spiritual abuse is a widespread epidemic which few dare to acknowledge, few dare to discuss, and fewer still, will challenge. One thing is for certain, those who have, or are, experiencing spiritual abuse are not alone. It’s time the abuse stops, the healing to starts, and believers experience truth the way our Heavenly Father instituted it from the beginning. It’s time to take back your authority and walk in Yah's freedom.