Judge Pamela Hill-Veal has been a Circuit Court Judge for 7 years, but she has been "judging" for longer

than that for many overlook the fact that she spent a number of years as an Administrative Law Judge. After spending years as an Administrative Law Judge she was appointed by The Illinois Supreme Court to her Judgeship in 2004 and then she ran and was elected by the people in 2006.

So what does Judge Pamela Hill-Veal bring to the Appellate Court? I asked several legal friends of mine what they thought of Judge Pamela Hill-Veal and the first one who responded stated this, "Judge Pamela Veal is fair to each and every litigant that appears before her. She is running for the Appellate Court because she is best suited to ensure that all people have a voice on the higher court and someone who will guarantee that each case is reviewed honestly and fairly."