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The Yehudah Project: Lucifer's system is here, Yisrael is still not prepared !

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The Yehudah Project

The Yehudah Project


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So the earth in the days of Noah was full of people who rejected God and walked after their own flesh and served their own interests. And the earth was full of violence. And what about during Lot's day in Sodom? God's Word says that the people of Sodom had given themselves over to sexual fornication and 'strange flesh', which is homosexuality. So Jesus is saying that the world in the end times would 'mirror' what it was like in the days of Noah and Lot. Do we have a world like that today? Absolutely!Things were so bad back in Noah's day that God even repented of making mankind on earth Genesis 6:6 ...'And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.' ... We cannot imagine the anguish of our loving Heavenly Father when He looked down upon the earth and saw no one (except Noah) living a Godly life. It was so bad that God said ... Genesis 6:13 ...'The end of all flesh is come before me.' ... God will only bare with people's wicked ways for so long, before Judgment comes upon them. And we are living in a day that is exactly like the days of Noah and Lot!