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    New 7 Hour Audio Series Starts this Saturday, August 15th @ 12noonCST/1pmEST. 

    "Sticks and stones," the nursery rhyme says, "may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." The intent of this pithy statement is probably to help children solve disputes with words rather than physical violence. Its message does, however, raise serious doubts. Words can and do hurt us. Words can trivialize, words can insult, words can stereotype. Words can, even when we do not intend them to do so, convey dangerous messages. A pertinent Jewish example is the use of the phrase "Old Testament" in reference to the Hebrew Bible. When we use that phrase, we (perhaps unwittingly) support the view that our Torah and other sacred texts are at best incomplete, having been superseded by a "New Testament."

    Cost is $100 paybable at www.masterteacher33.com click on the donation link. 



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    The Forceful Nature Of The Hebrew Doctrine

    in The Bible

    The wicked ways of the Hebrew doctrine. Does the bible create an atmosphere of lies, deception and evil actions which are seen as innocent by the followers of the literature



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    Kabbalists teach that there are two languages that have the unique power to reach the highest spiritual heights and generate the most profound spiritual effects. These two languages are Hebrew and Aramaic. Both Hebrew and Aramaic are written with the Hebrew letters, which are the spiritual DNA of creation


    01/09 @ 12noonCST/1pmEST. 
    Call 424-243-9614 or blogtalkradio.com

    We must realize that there is nothing real about a word. A word is always a symbolic representation of an imagined picture. When we choose specific words we have actually made a series of judgments.

    We select words based on our own personal experience. The receiver of those words, pictures then assign his own ideas. This means that language, the act of transmitting pictures is a broken mental telepathy system, a situation where the picture received is always different from the one sent.

    This suggests the more exact the narrower the definition of the agreed upon meaning of the words the less distorted is the communication.

    Dr. Will Rogers, Masterteacher33 
    Author; HEBREW, The Language of Creation


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    Roundtable Discussion- Guerilla Hebrew Priest Danayaahla Red Pill Mighty Hebrew

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    Roundtable Discussion- Guerilla Hebrew Priest Danayaahla Red Pill and Mighty Hebrew

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to another episode of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. The place where Knowledge is Born. I am your host Knowledge Born Allah. This is our Liberation Friday episode and we are honored and privileged Black by popular demand we have the opportunity to engage in a discussion with the warriors who are on the frontlines for our people. Guerilla Hebrew Chief Priest of Sicarii 1715 Priest Danyaahla of Lions of Israel and Know The Ledge Media Twin Pillars Red and Blue Pill alog with Tribal Minister Mighty Hebrew have been assembled to decode some of the recent events in the conscious community to provide clarity and critical analysis to our listening audience. Join us as we Do Tha Knowledge with these comrades and other special guests Friday 1-22-16 at 4pm PST 6pm CST 7pm EST. Call in live to phone number 713-955-0707 ad press 1 with your questions or comments for this epic roundtable. Here is the link to listen remotely: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/01/23/roundtable-discussion-guerilla-hebrew-priest-danayaahla-red-and-blue-pill

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    Thank you for tuning in to The Heart of a Hebrew Woman. Tonight, we will be continue our Fruit of the Spirit series exploring the attributes of longsuffering. Longsuffering can be a hard word to digest when you are in the middle of a storm. It takes a lot of patience and faith in the Most High God in Christ. Especially, when things are not going according to your plans. Likewise, we will talk about self-esteem and how jealousy, envy and wrath should not be apart of your daily walk. So join me tonight and let's get and understanding and receive healing from knowing that we are more than conquerors.


    Sister Tamah


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    Join OGod, Solarmind, and Sistah Renee Tuesday Jan 5th @ 9pm est/8pm cst, as we welcome The Hebrew Yisra'elite, to discuss 'Sovereign Nationalism'. Featuring The Mighty Hebrew, Ambassador Avraham Ben Yisra'el, & Moreh Yo'El Ben Yisra'el. Listen/Comment/Question @ (619) 924-0694 press 1 to speak, or hear us online by clicking the link>>>>>   http://www.blogtalkradio.com/intheblackradio/2016/01/06/hebrew-yisraelite-sovereign-nationalism

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    Shalom Sisters,

    Thank you for tuning in The Heart of A Hebrew Woman. As we continue explore the fruit of the spirit, this week we are focusing on PEACE. (Galations 5:21-22) Peace starts with YOU!!!!  With God's help you can control your peace. Allowing the behavior and actions of others is not an option. As women we try to control everything instead of allowing the Most High in to heal the areas of your life bring peace.   We take our peace away by allowing others to dictate what and who we are. Open your ears, heart, and mind to the PEACE that God has for you. In addition, we will talk about GOSSIP. (Ephesians 4:29, 1Thessalonians 4:11) This is an awful work of the flesh that needs to be tamed.  We will discuss some health benefits using certain herbs for healing and living a healthier life.  We close with words of encouragement. 

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    Welcome to a Heart of a Hebrew Woman. Tonight we will explore the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT JOY.  We will touch on women health and some topics that will keep you focused on building the kingdom for the Most High God. As always, thank you for tuning into the show. 


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    Rhythm and Poetry (Hebrew Super Hero's) Isaac Pt. 3

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    Welcome to Rhythm And Poetry(Hebrew Super Hero's / Isaac ) formerly known as Saturday Nite Gospel Jamz. Its gonna be powerful, its gonna be Retro, Throwback, Thought provocative. Our Co-host Sister Fiyah Harris, live from Dallas TX, and Hosted by Brother Malachi live from Hattiesburg, MS. Chat room is open and to ask questions or make a comment on the phone press #1 if listening. (347) 205-9279 Tonight we get started with New Artist in Hebrew and Truth Music. Don't forget we have something new (Open Mic) Poetry or Rap press 1 on your phone. No longer than 3 mins so that others can share. This is after we play our 4 tracks in a row.......( Please note: we are still growing and learning in the word. From time to time you may hear our Guest speak another name of The Father and Son, Men-Empowered has studied and found from the Hebrew text the name of The Most High is AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH and The Savior( YASHAYA )   Don't forget to check out The Music and Gear www.realjudah.com Like us on facebook "Rhythm and Poetry Music Show (R.A.P.) Don't be offended by what you hear.  We have been lied to for so many years of who we are and who has power in the earth today.  When you hear us speak on Black/White People it is not personal against anyone.  These are facts of our History and it is Truth. Feb is our Culture History and since we are learning about our Culture.  Check out the information and Products @ www.happybeingnappy.com

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    The Language of Love

    in Christianity

    Though many may know what love is, few know that love has a language. What is the language of love? Join us as we uncover the language used to express the love of God. For more information about this ministry or to become a monthly financial supporter please visit our website at kogwoc.org for maore details.