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The Business Of Social Media

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Marco Giunta

Marco Giunta


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As Apple moves away from using Google as the built-in mapping product for iOS, Google is trying to keep control of the mobile mapping market in the way we like to see: By innovating on the product.

Over 100 million people in the US have smartphones, consumers are spending over 60 minutes a day consuming media on these devices, and people glance at their phone about 40 times a day.

...Without getting into the technical reasons as to why this is the case, I challenge the argument because even if cookies did work I still don’t think you would see an advertising windfall. ...  Using myself as a datapoint of one, when I am on a computer I tend to research specific items and create a browsing history that is rich with information and clearly paints a picture of my intents.

...Advertisers knew people were online, but very little money was spent advertising to them because the only advantage to this medium was scale and reach (and some accountability).

...As I think about mobile. the opportunity to close the gap between time spent and advertising spend is clearly in finding the right targeting parameter that gets advertisers stoked.

...Mobile is a device that is portable, that people carry with them 16 hours a day, and that they look at 40 times a day as they interact with the real world.

...This is a brilliant sales strategy because they are adjusting their marketing based on what people are doing (walking around NYC) and what is happening around them (it is raining) to deliver a message and product that really resonates.

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