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The truth about Obamacare and the insurance companies.

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The president has repeatedly told people that if they like their current coverage, they'll be able to keep it. That this plan will lower premiums, increase coverage, and improve healthcare. That you will not be forced into a publically funded plan, and you'll be able to keep your doctor. That is simply not true. While this all sounds great, the economic realities of the health plans being tossed around in DC are exactly the opposite. I'll tell you why, and ask the questions that you need to be asking yourself, your doctors, and your congressmen and senators. This isn't rocket science, just some simple logic. I'm not going to lecture, noone listens when you do that. I'm going to ask some questions, and then give you the ONLY logical answers. Please feel free to tell me why I'm wrong, as long as you can do it in a LOGICAL manner. Emotional answers don't count. You have to speak logically. BTW I do have a copy of the Constitution handy, if you think you can tell me where to find the section that authorizes the government to do any of this. My argument is that not only will their plans not work as they are saying, they have no authority to enact them anyway. I had to have an Amazon book for the bottom of my profile, and given a choice between Hannity, Rush, Mark Levin, and Anne Coulter. I like all of them, but Anne Coulter dramatically improves the appearance of the page. I still like the campaign buttons I saw last year that said "Anne Coulter in '08, leggy, vicious and blonde." I could probably put my picture on the profile, but I'd rather like you to listen and having my ugly mug staring at you would be counter to that goal. Talk to you soon.