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Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I provide history based analytical commentary on current events in easy to understand terms. I am not politically correct, so don't expect me to be.

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Word has finally come out that the US military has determined that, following repeated failures to function in extreme conditions, the M16 series of rifles need an overhaul. I'm going to discuss what changes are being investigated (one... more

For those who don't know, a recent release of emails and other documents from the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia show that the top proponents of man made global warming were falsifying their data and by... more

Well, the Senate Dems are debating their 2000+ page plan to enslave the American public through regulated healthcare. This plan was written by lobbyists andis backed by organizations and senators who were bought off with taxpayer... more

There is plenty of evidence that global warming is NOT man made. ANY evidence that global warming is not man made disproves the theory. THAT is the basis of the scientific method. If a scientific experiment can't be repeated with identical... more

While some government spending is necessary. When governments spend more money that they have coming in, deficits result. While small deficits are undesirable, they are manageable through controlled spending and increasing... more

For those who don't know, taxes stifle the economy and cause inflation, unemployment and poverty. While a certain amount of taxation is necessary, the lower the taxation rates on everyone, the better it is for everyone. This episode... more

The Democrats in Congress passed a 2000+ page bill that few if any of them actually read. Yet, they stand there and tell us all of the wonderful things it is going to do. Unfortunately for the tax payers, they're lying through their teeth.... more

Why we need to stop putting a fear of offending someone above National Security.

Teddy Roosevelt said that there is no place in this country for hypenated Americans. He was right. The left tell us that this is a nation of immigrants. They are also right. How can these two seemingly divergent points of view both be... more

An overview of the various attacks planned by the Democratic party on your right to defend youself, and WHY it is so important that those efforts fail.