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  • Enter the Apostate 2

    in Atheism

    Former Christian discuss his apostasy.

  • testbeta

    in Sexuality


  • Finito: The Brand

    in Sports

    It may seem absurd to think that one brand can change the world, but that is the intent of Finito. This acaletic (academic/athletic) clothing line has been created to be the largest sponsor of schools, teams, clubs, and nonprofit organizations. The profits from Finito will be distributed in communities where subscribers live. It is unlikely that Finito will ever be the biggest brand on the market, but it could be the best...one day.


    in Christianity


  • Scheduled System Maintenance

    in Technology

    No live shows can be scheduled at this time.

  • The First Episode of Soul and Spirit Conversations

    in Self Help

    In the show's first episode, the host discusses finding peace and purpose by connecting with a Higher Power. 

  • The Temple of Healing Waters Morning Dew Prayer Line

    in Religion

    Please join Pastor C and The Temple of Healing Waters daily at 6:00 am for prayer.

  • Erica Joseph Shepherd TED LINE Spirits are subject unto you

    in Christianity

    TED, Transformational Extensive Deliverance. You will experience, glorious, expanded power set-free from within you! You will experience God's power, love, joy and peace, through and by the Word of God!. You will experience the delivering love of God to bring you the fruits of the Holy Spirit. You will experience being built up and equipped to know and walk in the fullness of what the Lord God has for your life, more confidence and faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. When your demons are cast out, that life will be brought to you!.TED, demonstrating to you the reality of the spirits being subject to you. You will experience the restoration, and empowering, of your Soul and Body through the Word of God. This will enable you to live by, and step out by faith. You finally will impact this world fully for the kingdom of God, through “His” Glory pouring out of you, to others. Erica Joseph Shepherd ministering deliverance, Healing, Exorcism, Inner-Healing and Healing during a TED LINE 40 day fast. Isaiah 58, Joel Chapter 2.www.40daysofdeliverance.com  www.tedline.com   www.21cssw.com   1-877-795-7110 THEREFORE JUDGE NOTHING BEFORE THE TIME, UNTIL THE LORD COME, WHO BOTH WILL BRING TO LIGHT THE HIDDEN THINGS OF DARKNESS, AND WILL MAKE MANIFEST THE COUNSELS OF THE HEARTS; AND THEN SHALL EVERY MAN HAVE PRAISE OF GOD. 1 CORINTHIANS 4:5 RECONNECT TO JESUS AND CONNECT TO GOD. 21ST CENTURY SPIRIT-SPIRITUAL WARFIGHTER MINISTRY. WWW.21STCENTURYSPIRIT-SPIRITUALWARFIGHTERMINISTRY.COM,

  • The Chosen Ones Ministry With Evangelist And Director Kent

    in Religion

    The Chosen One Ministries
    Mission Statement                                                                         
    1 Corinthian 5:17 Therefore if any man aspect’s Christ he is new creator the old has gone the new has come.
    Mission Statement                                                                                                        
    We seek to find those that are affected with sin and additions’ to show them the way to the cross. Then lead them back home to the God that loves them. Taking all under our wing to shelter them from the devil. While dispelling them to teach others to find the affected.  So that the world come back to God that is waiting with open arms for us to come home.
     We are LBTB positive and do marriages marriage for them.
     Clean since 1995 April 01.
    Prayer and Addiction help God help line and connected with Skype.

  • First House Of Worship

    in Spirituality

                                                         LET'S HAVE CHURCH

  • Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E

    in Religion

    Let's Talk