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  • Research Writing Rewired

    in Education

    How can teachers integrate inquiry-based research approaches with digital reading and writing in the classroom? This is the question that Dawn Reed and Troy Hicks explore in their 2016 book, Research Writing Rewired: Lessons that Ground Students’ Digital Learning. Join us to talk with the authors about strategies, lessons, tools, and principles for supporting connected learning in the English Language Arts classroom.

  • Episode 1344: Command Post

    in Training

    Chief Rick Lasky & Chief John Salka discuss leadership lessons learned from their experience in the Fire Service. Listen in as they provide effective critiques and tips for every level of the job, from chiefs on down.
    Sponsored by Rite Rescue Systems

  • The Right Way with Charles E. Treadway III

    in Education

    The Right Way with Charles E. Treadway III
    The Robert Drakes Media Network

  • The Free American

    in Education

    Are Zionists Taking the Entire USA Down? The Zionist enemy knows, because they declared it, but most of us “Goyim” are still fast asleep. It’s not necessarily a war with cannon and bullets, but our people still get killed. They poison and kill us in all sorts of “creative” manners, fluoride, vaccination, GMO, chemtrails, dangerous pesticides, climate engineering, just to name a few. And last, but not least, there is the medical-pharmaceutical industry, which – for generations already – is firmly in Zionist hands.
        They kill us with the “side-effects” of their “mainstream” medications, which are about as “unwanted” as “collateral damage” in one of those countless ZioMerican wars, and just an opportunity for another Zionist to sell us more drugs. It’s obvious that the Zionists want to kill or enslave us all.     That has been their stated goal for thousands of years.      When a resourceful “Goyim”, like Henry Ford, Adolf Hitler, Clay Douglas and countless others, wakes up to their machinations, they do everything in their power to destroy him. They don’t always kill him right away.       They first isolate, ostracise and economically destroy him, before they – if necessary – take it to the next level and imprison or even kill him. However they always do whatever it takes to stop him, even if it means, as it was the case in Libya and Germany, taking his entire country and people down with him.
    CRD Publishing PO Box 144 Big Spring, TX 79721
    512-767-4561 http://freeamerican.com clay@freeamerican.com 

  • The Future of Regenerative Living Communities on Life Purpose. W/ David Comfort.

    in Higher Education

    This week, Ben and Alex will be interviewing David Comfort of RISE Costa Rica. Rise is a one of a kind regenerative, holistic, luxury community of leaders who are doing big work in the world. It is a community that fosters personal growth and professional growth by creating an environment where your basic needs are taken care of, allowing you to spend 100% of your time focusing on your genius zone. Rise is the first man made Blue Zone, and it is the most biodiverse property on the planet, planting 30,000 trees and plants that will provide enough food for us all. 
    This is just the tip of the iceberg. Come learn more about what the future looks like.

  • A LGBT military veteran's view on societal norms and discrimination

    in Education

    Who is Ashton King? What kind of point of view can you see a military veteran take on society? Society can be cruel, and judgemental. Being a bisexual black military veteran, discrimination seems to know no bounds. There will be a multitude of sensitive topics that will be discussed. Today you will find out just who the man is behind the microphone. I have been to many different parts of the world and met many different people. Traveling never gets old. Traveling also opens your eyes to new ways of life. You get a different perspective on life and those around you. I aim to take my new perspective on life and to apply it to everyday life of our society. Are you ready to get out of your comfort zone?

  • Episode 1345: Talking Trucks & Equipment

    in Training

    Chris Mc Loone brings the pages of "Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment" magazine to the airwaves.  Topics covered focus exclusively on those professionals whose job it is to buy Trucks, Tools, Turnout Gear and Firefighting Equipment. 
    Sponsored by Rite Rescue Systems

  • wealthmoney radio Show

    in Education

    Byron Dale and Greg Soderberg explain the difference between a debt-based money system and a wealth-based money system it also explain the destructive devastating consequences of using a debt-based money system. Byron and Greg have set forth a plan to change the money system from a debt-based money system to a wealth-based money system

  • Adultery Was Never God's Will: The Aftermath On The Family

    in Education

    Join ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Johnson Padgitt on July 30, 2016 at 1:00 pm along with Minister Allen Parr on the show “Adultery Was Never God's Will: The Aftermath On The Family.” There will be a disscussion about some of the permanent affects that adultery has on the family. Practical suggestions of how to avoid this deadly pitfall will also be discussed. The background information for the show incorporates the story of King David and how his sin of Adultery had a major affect on his family.
    This broadcast is the prelude to Brenda Johnson Padgitt's upcoming book. “Adultery Was Never God's Will: The Aftermath On The Family,” takes a look at the lies, deceit, betrayal, disrespect and murder that was involved in the act of adultery between David and Bathsheba. This book also takes a look at the aftermath it had on his family. Even though David was a man after God's own heart, his sin of adultery displeased God. Many remember David for his prayer of repentance in Psalm 51. God forgave David but God also promised that the SWORD would never leave David's house. God also sent word through Nathan that David would suffer calamity within his own household. (2 Samuel 12:9-12)
    For more information on this show contact ASWIFTT RADIO Host Brenda Johnson Padgitt at: aswifttradio@yahoo.com. You can also visit: http://www.aswifttradio.net.
    For more information on Minister Allen Parr visit: http://www.allenparr.com

  • The Church Of Israel's Bible Study

    in Education

    The Church Of Israel's Bible Study

  • Ultimatum

    in Education

    We are The Ultimatum, The Waterloo, and The Answer.
    Strike thrice with all thy might, that the Earth might tremble.