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Hostile Takeover

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Libertys Thunder

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Elections are fixed. You can vote harder, wave signs, argue on social media, donate, door-knock, vote even harder and then hold their feet to the fire. The result?  Oligarchy remains, and you’ve accomplished nothing other than convincing yourself that you are part of a ‘democratic’ process in a Constitutional republic. The sad reality is America has suffered a hostile takeover albeit an invisible one. We have the appearance of a limited government republic, the shades of a federated system with checks and balances and the trappings of ‘free elections.’ The truth is we suffer under a globalist oligarchy, a culture of Marxist dialectic materialism and a false pride in sovereignty-killing internationalism masquerading as patriotism. The entire system is fixed (as in rigged); SMASH it!

We believe our Constitution is the supreme law of the land and protects our natural rights when it is nothing more than a social contract based on abstract ‘rights’ determined by popular majoritarianism. We are a mob of atomized individuals who are easily controlled by the most persuasive megalomaniac puppets of our vile ruling oligarchy.  Is this freedom?

NO! This is North America, Inc. We have been appropriated through a hostile takeover and the means to ‘take it back’ are gone. Along comes a Kraken, smashing through the fixed system. When the electoral process is a rigged show with a predetermined outcome and government is a theatrical process by which the proles are appeased as puppet dictators execute ‘law’ on behalf of globalist oligarchs who hide in the shadows, you need a bigger showman who is not beholden to the theater’s producers to expose, defeat and SMASH with a counter and even more hostile takeover.

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