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Join Rex and Trog for irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite! Welcome to Liberty's Thunder! Break the Duopoly. End the Oligarchy. For LIBERTY! Live Sundays at 9:00 pm Eastern Time and whenever the heck we feel like it! Call in number (646) 649-1013.

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As the Fed-controlled US government ‘eases' into infinity, our nation is plunged into more and more military conflicts. This is not about Israel vs Hamas, nor Ukraine vs Russia, nor ISIS vs Iraq & Syria, nor ‘refugees' at our... more

Summer of Scandals and WAR! One hot mess after another splattered on your TV to keep you from thinking clearly as the next war is planned. Rick Perry is the current RINO point-man to crush the libertarianish conservative grassroots... more

#LibertysThunder Live Free or Die (recent highlights) NOT A LIVE SHOW. Thunder: irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite; usually airs at 9:00pm Eastern on Sunday. Blog Talk Radio airs the shows live for... more

USA is the only nation founded upon a creed, a belief that Nature's God has endowed man with rights and we form governments to uphold justice by restraining power. Ours is the right to retain the maximum freedom for individual... more

RINOs spent millions thwarting a conservative candidate again. They won't curtail government or illegal Executive power; they merely want to control it. They employ Democrat-machine politics to suppress conservative votes and court... more

As the RINOs keep playing ‘histurnism', it appears as though the most conservative of three squishes is the new Majority Whip. Conservatives could have done better, but it appears that the demise of the conservative... more

In SC, Graham defeated 6 challengers, out-spending ALL of them $12mil to $1mil! In VA, Brat CRUSHED the #2 House RINO, Majority Leader Cantor. Grassroots conservatives and libertarians delivered the first EVER defeat of a sitting... more

We are adrift at sea and we've already hit the berg. Will we go down? Eventually, but it need not be now if Americans can be inspired to course-correct. We can't go back and if go forward on the current course–we're sunk. We need to... more

The Weimar Republic, a ‘democracy' imposed by the victors of WWI. Combining wounded national pride with hedonism, economic devastation and democratism yielded chaos and collapse. The people who desired liberation... more

Neocons are enjoying victories against conservatives and libertarianish challengers proving once again that Republican voters are numskulls. Are we expected to suck it up and support them simply because they're Republican?... more
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