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Cyberstalking & Internet Stalking with our children on line.

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Don't fall for their charm. Predators can be very nice, friendly people, especially to children. If someone is continually trying to get you alone, or to isolate you from your friends or family, there is something wrong there. These people often make light or make "games" of inappropriate touching:

  • Touching a young girl around the breast area or any child around the crotch. They might then laugh or giggle, saying, "Oops! Did I get you?" If it's innocent, that would be the end of it. If it's more sinister, then it would happen again, probably very quickly, and could be something like: "Oops - did it again! Did I get you there?" accompanied by a touch in a sensitive place. He or she may even brazenly ask if you "liked that." Your Red Alert should be going off by then, but sometimes you tell yourself, "Oh, it was an accident," or "He's just playing a game." He's not - at least not any game you should be playing.
  • The predator might pat you on the butt first, and then if you laughed or said it was okay after they said they were sorry, they might either pat you again, or try stroking your butt, or even putting their hand there and leaving it until you push it away - and the next thing you know, there's a hand in your crotch, or trying to make its way down your pants or up your blouse.