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    The Gettin It In Show: Pedophile or just Profiled?

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    Chris Stokes, Eddie Bishop Long, Kevin Clash, Michael Jackson, Jermain Dupri and Malachi York. All of these bruthas are accused of messing with children mainly boys. Are they being profiled or our they pedophile's? We are going to break these bruthas down metaphysically and come up with our own conclusions on if they did or didnt do the crime. We will explain why a person would mess with a child using the high science

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    He Went Undercover as Pedophile for 3 Years

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    Today Stacy shares a classic show from 2011 with former active FBI agent Bob Hamer, who went undercover as a pedophile, in order to bust pedophiles.  Bob's great book is The Last Undercover.

    Stacy also will share some news.  

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    A Pedophile Was In Our Midst - Betrayal on the Internet

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    As part of an exclusive writers' group, we all had become pretty close. We shared work, story ideas, writing projects, and marketing and promotional projects. We even shared some aspects of our lives.
    We laughed and teased and joked around with each other, supported each other and developed a wonderful little online community that lasted roughly two years.
    Then we found out that we'd been dealing with someone whom we didn't know at all. A pedophile.
    We were hurt, disappointed, angry and harbored feelings of resentment and betrayal. I may have taken the news the hardest.
    Real life is truer than fiction.
    Tune in tonight and listen to our story. Author Bryden Lloyd joins me and we try to put the pieces together and make sense of what happened; when we found out that one of our own is a monster and how we can move on without him. 

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    Translating Phantoms Broadcast with Josh Detwiler - May 21,2015

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    On this episode of Translating Phantoms Broadcast with your host Joshua Detwiler, he discusses missing persons cases and the impact of social media on them. Call in on (347) 539-5549 and join the interactive chat on our website www.incubiincarnate.com/tplistenlive!

    So how many of you have been noticing all the parents that have taken to social media to try and find their missing children yet their are no amber alerts? This has been an epidemic in this country for decades and thanks to social media it's finally being noticed by more people. 2000 children go missing EVERYDAY in this country and the FBI doesn't investigate even half of them. The amber alerts that do go out, which are few and far between, are just to try and convince you that when a child goes missing action is taken, but this is a rare occurrence. Social media has brought a lot of idiocy and ignorance to this day an age but fortunately good, like this, can be done with it. Follow me and start liking and sharing every missing child post you see to try and get them as much exposure as we can, we are most likely the only hope for a lot of these children ever being found.

    A few words from Josh:

    Tonight's show is going to be a heavy one. I'm going to be diving deep into a well documented case of a pedophile ring that I still believe is going on in this country today and how I think social media is helping to slow it down tremendously. Please do not let any kids listen to the show tomorrow night. And I would definitely advise discretion with this episode. The case I'm going to largely discuss is going to upset everyone, I can guarantee it, but it's something that everyone needs to be aware of. Sometimes the truth is more horrifying than any fiction someone could think up.

    Follow Translating Phantoms on Twitter @TranslatingPhan

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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS---The Betrayal  by the allies of Russian POWS who were captured by the Nazis,  Stalin demanded at the Yalta Conferance that these POWS be repatriated back to the Soviet Union.

    US Army Sergent Ted Samuel was stationed at the railroad station when this forcible repatriation occured.

    Russian President Putin's ignoring Stalin's role in 

    ***Allowing the German Army to train in Russia as a circumvention of the VErsaile Treaty which limited the German Army

    ***Britain and the US's conveys to  Murmansk to aid the Soviets in fighting Hitler

    ***Stalin's Mass Murder of the Polish Army's office corp at the Katyn forest--an estimated 20,000 polish army officers were mudered en mass by the NKVD predecessor to the KGB

    Encore: Another historical audio interview with Danny Mander, a British soldier and special guard to Winston Churchill at the Terehan Conferance( FDR-CHURCHILL & STALIN)

    The San Francisco & Califorina emerging Pedophile  and child ography scandal involving Enrique  Pearce, a corrupt lawyer and left wing political consulatant connected to suspected closeted Lesbians and Homosexuals who funded illegally pedophile organizations,  Pearce is now in San Francisco City Prison

    Vice President Fairbanks---President Teddy Roosevelt administration


    Upcoming the 

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---How San Francisco's pedophile connected politicians illegally used federal poverty funds for pedophile organizations.  Some of these organizations were controled and operated by legislative aides who worked for these politicians

    British Lord Chief Justice Great Britain proposal--"Using SKYPE internet telephone service for litigants.  SKYPE is already used for  British & European controversial cases involving Child custody and visitation"  PARENTAL VISITATION VIA SKYPE!

    dateline Boston-San Francisco--Tom Brady jr , the Boston Patriots is a controversial quarterback and accused of fixing a football game  by using a deflated football or pigskin.

    "Brady" is the latest sports fixing scandal dating from the Chicago Black Sox baseball fixing scandal in the nineteen twenties.

    Brady Sr is involved in the controversial attack on San Francisco Archbishop Cordeleione.  Who apparentlly was sent to San Francisco to clean up the corruption in the San Francisco Diosese.

    Audio Archival History--Danny Mander talks about his british military service with the British 8th Army and its commander Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery.  On this dalte, the Afrika Corp and the Italian amry in north africa surrendered to the allies

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    FFAF: Josh Duggar Molested Sisters & Resigns from Family Research Council

    in Christianity

    The breaking news all over the internet is that Josh Duggar has resigned from The Family Research Council after someone dug up dirt on his life when he was a teenager.  Josh admitted to molesting a few of his sisters as well as a non-family member.  Josh committed these crimes when he was 14 years old and his parents turned him in and got him counseling.

    We'll discuss this and the issue of judgment beginning with the house of God and other news today on Free for All Friday. 

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    Protect Our Children with Ursula Shepherd

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to today's episode of Soul Matters Radio, where Barbara Patterson talks to Ursula Shepherd about one of her passions.
    Ursula has launched a project and entered a competition with Virgin Media Business to raise awareness for a vital topic in our world: Protecting our children.

    Ursula's vision is to develop tools, training and resources to protect children and prevent abuse by:
    increasing confidence, awareness and capability;
    removing stigma and fear;
    eradicating complacency and ignorance as well as teaching life skills.

    We invite you to support this project by voting online using this link:


    Also, Ursula would love you to get in touch with her for any ideas, suggestions, questions and additional support.

    The network is growing fast, be a part of it!



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    BTR Guest-Former Jehovah's Witness Elder Bill Bowen from silentlambs.org

    in Religion

    Saturday 05/09/15 12pm ET/11am CTRL/10am MTN/9am Pac Call in and listen, share comments, or ask questions at 1-347-934-0379 Also listen online at:


    We will have former Jehovah's Witness elder Bill Bowen share with us latest happenings in the fight against child abuse. We will discuss the final outcome of the Candace Conti case, The charitable status of the Watchtower Society in the United Kingdom, and the recent uprising of pedophile cases coming out from the Jehovah's Witnesses. Why is there more and more cases of abuse coming out in the open?

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    Male War on Women - Pedophile Grooming and Campus Assaults

    in Lifestyle

    We continue the discussion of the war on women and girls being waged by males worldwide. In this broadcast we'll address the ridiculous number of campus sexual assaults and pedophile grooming rings that may be after your child. Can it be that the majority of the males in the world are sociopaths and truly hate women?
    Watch this video about governmental ties to pedophile rings. http://youtu.be/BaGOsQRuCfw
    Listen to Part One of this series:  Womb Envy and the Male War on Women first.
    Listen to Part Two of this series: Pedophilia on the Rise - The Male War on Very Young Girls.
    All parents need to watch this video about online photos of their children and GEO tagging, and change the settings on their Smart Phones immediately. 
    Call in to share your thoughts at 347-327-9215.

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    The Return of Tyr: News and Jews III

    in Politics

    Calls are encouraged, and will be taken throughout the entire show.

    Skinhead knocks off an alleged pedophile, Pakistani's supporting UKIP, girl gets banned from school... for being a GINGER!, man deemed ‘too dangerous for jail’ by judge let free on suspended sentence by aforementioned judge, ADL denounces SPLC 'HATE MAP', pedophile father allowed to live in home with his two underage daughters.