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    Dear David Bowie Worshippers --- Your Masturbation Fantasy Was A Pedophile

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    From the title it's probably obvious where I'm going with this one. 

    Here's another thought on Bowie. 
    White supremacy reaches into many cracks and crevices of society.

    So white folks actually think David Bowie was some originator of not wearing clothing assigned to express gender as this Western culture expects folks to.


    Go listen to and read up from some folks who descend from people that Europeans systemically exterminated.

    That #shit wasn't even almost new.

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    The Pedophile Nation: America's Largest Secret Society!

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    They cut across every conceivable category regardless of sex, religion, culture, nationality, status, pedigree, educational level or lifestyle preference.

    They move in secret and are highly organized in cloaking the activities of those who share their same sickness.

    While many move alone and get caught to get chastised by the public, I believe that those are simply the tip if the iceberg when looking at the overwhelming amount that don't get caught.

    Our children are almost defenseless because these predators are almost always NOT the strangers that we keep them so well protected against but those friendly faces who have a positioning in society that make our children feel the safest.

    A day just can't go by where the news reporting platforms doesn't expose yet another well versed pedophile predator who has molested another child or may have been in the process of doing so.

    We speak of terrorism across the globe and preparedness for an attack from an external enemy, but what about the sickness that goes almost unnoticed that is happening in our homes, our schools, at the doctors offices and at our houses of worship?

    This is the beginning of an ongoing in depth raw conversation that is long overdue on The LanceScurv Show!

    Please share your thoughts and leave your comments below to ad to this much needed conversation!

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    Is Matthew Farley a child abuser/pedophile? Week (Dec. 20, '15) in Recap

    in Radio

    MATTHEW FARLEY:  Take your nose out of Barbados’ business. That message is being sent to European Union ambassador to the Eastern Caribbean, Mikael Barfod, by former school principal and outspoken social commentator Matthew Farley. Farley, who was a school principal at both the primary and secondary level for a total of 18 years, was angered by Barfod’s comments last week regarding corporal punishment, violence in society, and child deaths in Barbados. Speaking to the media, Barfod had expressed concern that no one had been charged in the suspicious deaths of two children, and warned of evidence which linked the beating of children in school to other forms of violence in Barbadian society.  (Source:  NationNews-Barbados)


    Other:   Week in recap

    Panelists:  Patricia Hinds, Alex Mitchell.  Moderator:  Sheri Veronica

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    The Gettin It In Show: Pedophile or just Profiled?

    in Radio

    Chris Stokes, Eddie Bishop Long, Kevin Clash, Michael Jackson, Jermain Dupri and Malachi York. All of these bruthas are accused of messing with children mainly boys. Are they being profiled or our they pedophile's? We are going to break these bruthas down metaphysically and come up with our own conclusions on if they did or didnt do the crime. We will explain why a person would mess with a child using the high science

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    Pedophiles Down Under With Fiona Barnett Live!

    in Politics

    On this episode of Patriot Nation Radio we will be Talking with Fiona Barnett Live! She has blown the lid off of a VIP Pedophile Ring in Australia. She will update us on all the developments since our last interview. More have come forward with Allegations, and things are getting hectic for her.Tune in Tonite 6:30pm eastern time, and 3:30pm pacific www.blogtalkradio.com/patriotnation That's 10:30am in Australia

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    in Politics

    Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s association with Bill and Hillary Clinton

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    Tariq Nasheed Says Black Women Made White People Poison Flint's Water

    in Entertainment

    Tariq Nasheed is saying weird things again... and again... and again. 

    We'll dig into that in the second hour. 

    In the first hour we have an attempted murder of Melissa Harris Perry. 
    A pro rape group. 
    Christian pedophiles. 
    And we really need patreon subscribers. 

    In The News: 

    A case of Zika virus infection transmitted by sex, rather than mosquito bite, was discovered in Texas on Tuesday, a development sure to complicate plans to contain a global epidemic.
    SAN JOSE (CBS SF) — The trial began Monday for a former San Jose police officer accused of raping a woman, who testified in Santa Clara County Superior Court.
    In his opening statement in the trial of 40-year-old Geoffrey Evatt Graves, Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Carlos Vega told the jury that not convicting the defendant would be “illogical and irresponsible.”

    A Chillicothe Police Officer is off the job and under investigation, accused of sexual assault.
    His accuser: a woman who ran to officers to report she had been the victim of domestic violence.
    She says her boyfriend assaulted her at a Chillicothe hotel, and she ran to police for help.
    After her boyfriend was arrested, she says an off-duty officer sexually assaulted her.
    Police say it started at Patrick’s Pub, a bar inside a Chillicothe Quality Inn, in the early morning hours of Sunday, January 17.

    The Dallas County Health and Human Services Department reported that a patient with the Zika virus was infected after having sex with someone who had returned from Venezuela, where Zika is circulating.

    RuPaul's Drag Race season 8 queens and premiere date revealed — exclusive

    Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/WineCellarPodcast?ty=h


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    Sic Sadistic Scum - Pedophiles and Killers

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    Male priest-in-training arrested at San Diego airport for seeking sex with infants in Mexico after a Homeland Security probe found advert he posted on Craigslist

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3425313/Male-priest-training-arrested-San-Diego-airport-seeking-sex-infants-Mexico-HSI-probe-advert-posted-Craigslist.html#ixzz3yrkFwymN 

    Pedophile Chicago engineer, 52, 'arrested in the act of raping a boy, 14, in Rome after cops investigated him for luring scores of underage migrants to a rented apartment'

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3425365/Chicago-engineer-52-arrested-Rome-prolific-child-sex-abuse-luring-scores-underage-boys-rented-apartment-sex.html#ixzz3yrkRHiGd 

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    Santa Claus Isn't Real and David Bowie Should Have Been Shot In The #Fuckin Face

    in Entertainment

    Simple message for tonight's episode. 

    Stop being such a fan. 

    You need to grow up and get over it. 
    For those of you keep putting humans on these pedistals, you're just going to keep finding out that Santa Claus isn't real. 

    We need your subscription at our patreon link right here. 

    Or your one time investment in us at our Phoenix And William Paypal right here. 

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    in Current Events


    ***SUPERBOWL 50--"If you're coming to San Francisco, don't wear flowers in your hair~!"

    Warnings from experienced San Francisco citizen victims--Don't become a victim~!

    *(**How to protect your person & Possessions!

    ***"What's the Matter with San Francisco?"

    Author Jack Cashill--Some of the  things you --even Roman Catholics--don't or didn 't know about the Roman Catholic Church!--Read Cashill's Popes & Bankers'--This book is especially relevant lin view of the movie about the Boston Roman Catholic Archdiosese's pedophile priest & Bishop's coverup.

    Protestant Ministers(Amos Brown) and Jewish Rabbis also have and may still be involved in pedophile and other sexual misconduc


    January 22nd   Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)--Most interesting birthdays--

    US Supreme Court Justice Fred Vinson--Actor in Casablanca Major Strasser--Conrad Veidt--Sir Francis Bacon--Lord Byron--D.W. Griffith--Marcel Daussault--Rosa Ponselle--Mung Chung Korean Music Conductor-Pierre Du Pont-Graham Kerr-Guy Fier--Hjalmar Schaacht-Willa Brown Coffey-Joseph Wambugh-Rose Kennedy--August Stringberg--

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1272

    in Self Help

    SPECIAL TOPIC Night - "Examining Institutional Abuse" with special co-host Dr Jill Jones-Solderman (PHD, MSW, MSHS), a NAASCA family member. In this series of monthly shows we'll specifically take a look at institutional abuse. ~~ TONIGHT'S TOPIC: Murder and Mahem in the World of Child Sexual Abuse Driven by the "Dark Web" - Jill will introduce a client of hers who is a sexual abuse victim and mother of 2 children she lost through the Court to a pedophile, an expert on the"Dark Web" ~~ NAASCA knows "institutional abuse" is rampant, worldwide, and dramatically effects childhood experience of our youth, frequently causing trauma that lasts a lifetime. Many issues of child abuse involve dealing with the courts and law enforcement, foster care, child protection services, CASA and CAC organizations, etc. Jill's experience with her Foundation for Child Victims of Family Courts and her US Whistleblower effort uniquely position her to speak to these issues. Every third Tuesday of the month, Jill will present special guests who'll explain the challenges they've experienced while fighting for their own rights, and /or for the rights of their children.