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The Day Obama Became Toxic: After Libya, We Cannot Trust Him

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Malignant Failure: Did Barack Benedict Burr Obdurately Ignore Threats to Overseas Americans?

Is it really possible the President of the United States was informed Muslim radicals were ready to strike American embassies, yet literally did nothing to warn them or bolster security? If so, Barack’s presidency is no longer tenable. If the US had credible knowledge of an impending Libyan embassy attack and took no defensive measures—this government must not stand.

If Obama knew of the threat, and was indifferent, he is therefore morally unfit to lead, and perhaps suffering from a grave mental or character defect. Or, Barack did not know, and therefore cannot possibly be actually in command of his position, and therefore—is likewise unfit to lead.

There can be no other interpretation of events. The world is suddenly so dangerous, we Americans must return to our senses to save ourselves and the rest of the free world. It is time to end this diseased experiment in political correctness, and progressive fantasies.

“CryHavoc,’ and let slip the dogs of war—Act III, scene 1, Julius Caesar—William Shakespeare


The video that started it all: Innocence of Muslims