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Government as God is Liberalism’s Pagan Ideal

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Pagan Government Theory Insures Tyranny Returns to the West

Of the central core of ideas from socialism and Marxism, none is more important than erecting a government to operate as a kind of default god. While this could seem an accidental effect of Marxism’s war against religion, a better informed explanation exists. This reveals the real purpose of leftism as one of waging war against, and trying to murder God, Himself. After God is removed from the scene, imposition of a humanistic cult allows mankind to pursue all his desires unfettered.

More importantly—it erases the history of man’s sins against God. This overwhelming need of unregenerate man for secular absolution was one of the key insights of Eric Voegelin in his epic Modernity Without Restraint.

The fury against religion endemic in all leftist ideologies can only be understood as a Procrustean commitment to break and recast the fundamental order established in the farthest recesses of human history. On another level this struggle represents the battle between humanistic philosophy against revealed religion. Ultimately, given the spectacular, ghoulish and unprecedented failure of humanism to craft workable government as seen under communism, it is certain that man’s fate is at extreme risk. Therefore, the two essential worldviews of the modern era are posited against each other in this article—Marxism and its ilk versus the biblical view of the cosmos, against a backdrop of the classical worlds of Greece and Rome, where modernism takes its theory of government and man.