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Joyous Living Community is an online forum community dedicated to bring together those who are learning, growing, living, laughing loving and are looking to share the experience, with thoughts, stories, ideas, questions, hopes and dreams...Let's find joy together!

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Weekly Radio Show - Interviews, Book Recommendations, Tips, Techniques, Stories, Events, meditations, hypnosis...all about helping us all live our most joyous life ever.

About a month ago I got back from my Vipassana retreat, and did a radio show about meditation and promised I would talk about vipassana specifcally... so here it is!

and if so how much? should I jog? lift weights? What is really necessary and how do I get started.

You have heard that yoga is good for you...you hear you don't have to bend into a pretzel, but you aren't sure you believe it, so you just don't go to class. Let's have a conversation about what to do if flexibility is an issue, if you are afraid of... more

You keep hearing about it...meditate, be present, still the mind, listen...blah blah blah...where was I? Oh yeah --- what is meditation, how hard is it, should I really do it, what if I am too busy, too stubborn, too restless...too - too? Join me as I... more

I had such an amazing transformation and beautiful experience with Suzanna's meditations and thought it would be fun to share her work with you as well. Join as we talk about vibrational energy, clearing old negative energy from our... more

Join me as I talk with Christine Frazzitta of Zeetabody as we discuss how Aromatherapy can effect your health and happiness. Can aromatherapy affect your mood? your healing? your skin? your yoga and meditation? what about... more

Are you ready for deep intuitive healing? Join me for a very special chat with Brent Phillips! Brent Phillips is the founder of Formula For Miracles! An MIT educated engineer gone rogue mystic he lives in a world where Science meets... more

http://bitly.com/arctribe Dawn DelVecchio is a writer, speaker and online entrepreneur. After decades in the fields of writing and personal development, Dawn had the opportunity to work with one of the most successful online... more

Just thinking positively (although a great habit) is not enough to make change happen...there is so much more to it than just looking in the mirror and repeating words. Join me to look at what does work, how to make affirmations a... more