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Impending Revelation

Impending Revelation


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A show that spreads the Love of Jesus and exposes global corruption.

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Today we are going over the reasons no one cares about the freedoms that are being taken way, due to the false flag event we call 9/11. And many other events that are corrupting our way of life. Join us as we take you further down... more

Tonight I am real fired up about our Congress and Supposed leader of this country. We will talk about the end of our America, and what we NEED to do to combat this rogue administration.

This show my friends is to expose how these private companies like Visa, AMEX, and mastercard loan you fake money on a piece of plastic. Then charge you outrageous interest, and ruin the rest of your life with wage garnishing and... more

Tonight we are talking about the "over-privaleged" Christians in America. How any and every religion is free to do as they please, whilst Christians aren't allowed to bow their head in prayer anymore. Join us at 9 p.m. CST 10 p.m. EST on... more

We aare going to dig into the Federal Reserve and the Fed Res. Act as well. Why you have a social security number. And what it means for the dollar bill in general. Join us Monday and Friday at 10 p.m. cst 11 p.m. est.

Tonight we are discussing how "free" America really is. How your monet goes to pay for murder in other countries. How our money system is set up to keep not only you and I in debt, but our country ae a whole. Please join us as we... more

Tonight we take a deep, long look into Satanism in our Political parties. From the Prez. to the pope. If the love of money is the root of all evil, this country is in trouble.

Thank you so much for studying this book of Revelation with us. I hope you learned as much as we did.

Tonight I am breaking from the norm to try and get some info out there that can be used to save you or awaken you.

We are filled with the joy only the Holy Spirit can give! Tonight we take on the challenging book of Revelation, chapters 17 and 18. Please join us as we break down these perfect words from God the Father. Be blessed.
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