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  • Marie-Antoinette the Mother

    in History

    Welcome to Episode 6 of Tea at Trianon Radio, dedicated to discussing the life and times of Marie-Antoinette, Queen of France and Navarre. I am Elena Maria Vidal, the author of four historical novels, including TRIANON and MADAME ROYALE which are about Marie-Antoinette and her family. In this our sixth broadcast we will be talking about Marie-Antoinette the Mother. Her children were her life and she wanted to bring them up herself. She went through a lot to bring children into the world.We will discuss each of her four children and her adopted children as well. We will not be taking calls today but do email me a question or a comment at emvidal@planetrussell.net. Tea at Trianon Radio is brought to you by Mayapple Books in St. Michaels, Maryland, dedicated to publishing Modern Classics. Visit Mayapple Books at www.mayapplebooks.net.
    Much of what we will be discussing today can be found on my Tea at Trianon Blog and will also be included in my new non-fiction book on Marie-Antoinette entitled Marie-Antoinette, Daughter of the Caesars, to be published in September 2015 by Mayapple Books.

  • Ancient Stories of the Celtic Isles with Jeremy RJ White

    in History

    Join Jeremy White in a retelling of the Celtic Tales.
    Jeremy is an avid historian and storyteller who was born just outside of London, England. He is also a shaman (or vitki in Norse tradition) who is familiar with the magick and history of the Heart Chakra of the world. He recently published his first book "Raising the Runes, A Shamanic Journey through Avalon" which is available through his website or Amazon directly. He offers individual clairvoyant readings, online classes & vision quests as well as shamanic healings.
    For more information about Jeremy visit www.jeremyrjwhite.com 

  • The Great Migration Directory with Robert Charles Anderson

    in History

    Robert Charles Anderson, the Great Migration Project director at the New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston, joins Jane to talk about his new book, The Great Migration Directory. Picking up where The Great Migration series left off in 1635, the book features those immigrants to 1635 and the remaining from 1636-1640. The book is the culmination of decades of work for Bob on the Puritans who arrived in New England between 1620 and 1640. 
    Order the book: http://shop.americanancestors.org/products/the-great-migration-directory

  • New York State Censuses and Substitutes with William Dollarhide

    in History

    William Dollarhide, author of New York State Censuses and Substitutes,  will join Jane to talk about his book. Find out what this indispensible book contains for New York genealogy research. What are the NY state censuses? What are some of the substitutes?

  • Soldier Engraver Forger with Deborah M. Child

    in History

    Art historian and genealogist Deborah M. Child joins Jane today to talk about her new book Soldier Engraver Forger: Richard Brunton's Life on the Fringe in America's New Republic. 

  • DNA and Adoptions with CeCe Moore

    in History

    CeCe Moore joins Jane today to talk about her work with adoptions and DNA.

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As Carl Sagan said, "You have to know the past to understand the present." History has shaped our nation's character, and our collective strength is measured in how we came together during our most challenging moments: the Civil War, World War I, Prohibition, World War II, the Dust Bowl, McCarthyism, the Cold War, the Challenger disaster, Operation Desert Storm, 9/11 and countless struggles before and since. But history also contains triumphs, from ending slavery to the moon landing to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Mars rover Curiosity. Join in discussion on these and more with historians, collectors, authors, professors and conspiracy theorists alike. Our hosts also show much support for our troops and military families. In fact, technology has played a big part in bringing soldiers closer to home, as they text, email and Skype from the front, and our “talk to the troops” episodes are always inspiring.

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