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  • The Movement 98 Class Warfare

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    We will sharpen the spear of analysis that we need to best understand the cycles of poverty and under-education that breakdown our families and communities.

  • Back There, Then with Linda Crichlow White

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    BACK THERE, THEN was written by Marietta Stevens Crichlow in the 1990s and discovered by her daugther Linda Crichlow White in 1999 when looking through Marietta's photos and family memorabilia to include in a Powerpoint presentation for her Mom's 90th birthday.
    Linda will share in her discovery and offer words of wisdom to others considering writing a historical genealogy memoir.
    Linda Crichlow White was born in Washington and attended public schools there before attending college (University of Cincinnati and West Virginia State College, B.S. and Howard University, M.S. in Human Ecology) and beginning a teaching career in Brooklyn, New York.  Linda taught home economics in both Brooklyn and DC Public Schools before attending Catholic University, earning a Masters in Library Science and working as a School Library Media Specialist in Montgomery County, Maryland.  She retired in 2013. 
    Both Marietta and Linda have witnessed many changes in the world and especially in Washington, DC.   Some of these changes are noted in Back There, Then.

  • English Manorial Records for 17th Century American Immigrants with Peter Foden

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    Archivist, paleographer and historical researcher Peter Foden joins Jane from the United Kingdom today to talk about using English manorial records to track your colonial American family, whether they were in New England or Virginia, to their roots in England. Peter will discuss what types of records can be found in the manor records, how to use the records, what information can be found in the records, and the challenges in using these records from the 17th and 16th centuries -- including the penmanship and language. (Many of the records are in Latin!) 
    Peter has worked in local authority archive services in Shropshire and Staffordshire, in education, and in business (the Oxford University Press and Boots the Chemist). He is currently providing archive consultancy services to a stately home, amongst the other freelance activities listed on this website. He is a member of the Archives and Records Association (UK & Ireland).

  • Go Stand Upon The Rock with Samuel Michael Lemon, Ed.D.

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    GO STAND UPON THE ROCK (2014) is a deeply moving Civil War-era novel based on stories handed down by Sam Lemon's grandmother about the lives of her grandparents who were once runaway slaves from Virginia. It is a tale of unsettling plantation life, courageous women, dramatic Civil War battles, heroes, hoodoo, and the indomitable strength of the human spirit. The book is supported by historical and genealogical research, photographs, and documents from his doctoral dissertation. This is a compelling and emotionally engaging history that comes alive through the lives of real people and events. 
    Dr. Sam Lemon grew up in Media, Pennsylvania, where his maternal great-great grandparents arrived as runaway slaves during the Civil War. Given refuge and support by local Quakers, his ancestors prospered and became prominent members of the community. He is currently an assistant professor and the director of a graduate program at Neumann University in Pennsylvania, and formerly worked in the fields of social services, education, and public television at WHYY in Philadelphia.

  • Missing Pages Of History

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    Join "Missing Pages of History" invite you to join us bi-weekly on Saturdays at 12 Noo. We seek to be a voice for underserved committes. You may listen in at (818) 337-0016 or join us at: www.blogtalkradio.com/missing-pages-of-history-inc.

  • Mocavo with Michael Leclerc

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    Michael Leclerc, chief genealogist at Mocavo, joins Jane this morning to talk about Mocavo, the genealogy search engine. Find out how Mocavo works, what types of records can be found in its database, and what Mocavo Gold provides a subscriber.

  • The New York Research Guide and Gazetteer

    in History

    Today's show features The New York Research Guide from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society.

  • Mind Maps for Genealogy with Ron Arons

    in History

    Today author Ron Arons joins Jane to talk about his book Mind Maps for Genealogy.

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