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  • Remember the Ladies with Angela P. Dodson

    in History

     Angela P. Dodson documents one of the longest, most hard-won struggles for civil rights in our country’s history. Her approach to this history is inclusive, detailing the contributions of activists from various movements, women and men, of different races, religions and politics who helped bring about the victory to secure the right to vote for women. She also documents women’s political gains since that milestone. This book, complete with beautiful photographs and illustrations, will help facilitate the conversation about how far women have come and where they are headed politically.
    Angela P. Dodson, CEO of Editorsoncall LLC.  and a contributing editor for Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, has served as senior editor for The New York Times and executive editor of Black Issues Book Review. She has written and edited newspaper and magazine articles, feature stories and books. She is married to Michael I. Days, editor for reader engagement and vice president of Philadelphia Media Network, and author of “Obama’s Legacy: What He Accomplished as President.” They live in Trenton, NJ.  She is a graduate of Marshall University and earned a master’s degree at American University. As an editor, Angela has worked on such books as “n Charge: Finding the Leader in You, by Myles Munroe, He Is Risen: Reflections on Easter and the Forty Days of Lent, by Richard Abanes, and Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black Inferiority”by Tom Burrell.

  • The Price For Their Pound of Flesh with Daina Ramsey Berry, Ph.D.

    in History

    The Price for Their Pound of Flesh includes photographs, illustrations, newspaper clippings, advertisements, extensive lists of appraisal and sale values, quotes, poems, letters, and songs from the time period. Additionally, Berry’s focus on sharing a diversity of stories of and from enslaved people illuminates their experiences and feelings in direct response to their understanding of their monetary values and position as property. “Despite being traded as commodities from thewomb to the grave,” Berry writes, “enslaved peoples understanding of their soul values transcended the external values placed upon their bodies. And with this realization, their souls were at peace.”
    Daina Ramey Berry is an associate professor of history and African and African diaspora studies, and the George W.Littlefield Fellow in American History, at the University of Texas at Austin. An award-winning historian, she is also a Distinguished Lecturer for the Organization of American Historians.

About History

As Carl Sagan said, "You have to know the past to understand the present." History has shaped our nation's character, and our collective strength is measured in how we came together during our most challenging moments: the Civil War, World War I, Prohibition, World War II, the Dust Bowl, McCarthyism, the Cold War, the Challenger disaster, Operation Desert Storm, 9/11 and countless struggles before and since. But history also contains triumphs, from ending slavery to the moon landing to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Mars rover Curiosity. Join in discussion on these and more with historians, collectors, authors, professors and conspiracy theorists alike. Our hosts also show much support for our troops and military families. In fact, technology has played a big part in bringing soldiers closer to home, as they text, email and Skype from the front, and our “talk to the troops” episodes are always inspiring.

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