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  • New York Loyalists in Canada with Kathryn Lake Hogan UE

    in History

    United Empire Loyalist researcher Kathryn Lake Hogan joins Jane today to talk about New York Loyalists who went to Canada after the American Revolution. What happened to them once they got there? How do we go about researching them?

  • The "Todd's" Telling our Story from Virginia to Kentucky with Phyllis Grimes

    in History

    The “Todd’s” telling our Story from Virginia to Kentucky.
    Underwood Etc. vs Underwood’s Executor, 1830, Federal Records, United States Circuit Court Records, 5th Circuit Court, obtained from the Library of Virginia’s Manuscripts Collection in Richmond.
    The library is a wealth of knowledge and you can find books, periodicals, reference material and if you look real hard, you will find your ancestors hanging out in the library collections just waiting to be discovered.  Starting ca. 20 April 1826 and ending 19 December 1830, there was a lawsuit brought by the heirs of Jane Pollard Dandridge Underwood against James Underwood, her estate executor. This lawsuit was filed by the heirs to recover the slaves and the income they had produced from James Underwood.  As a descendant of enslaved ancestors, you can only research so far before you hit a brick wall.  However, it is possible to go beyond that brick wall and find incredible information about your family’s past. 
    Phyllis Grimes is a graduate of Arizona State University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies.  Phyllis held various positions working for the Maricopa County Superior Court System and is an employee for the State of Arizona as an Investigator.   Phyllis’ passion is researching her family history and she has been involved in genealogical research for over the past 20 years.  While researching her history, she has gained a greater appreciation for early American History.  She holds the position of the Family Historian/Genealogist for her family.

  • Waking up to the Dark and Our Ancestors with Clark Strand

    in History

    Author, Zen master, and spiritual teacher Clark Strand joins Jane to talk about his latest book, Waking up to the Dark.

  • Body Bags and Secret Case Files S2 Ep5

    in History

    Coke with us into the mind of serial killers

  • UFO History Lesson S1 Ep 3

    in History

    Come learn some this they don't want you to kno

  • No show this week. At Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy

    in History

    No show this week. Catch us again in two weeks.

  • Psychic Roots with Henry Z Jones

    in History

    Serendipity? Chance? Metaphysics? Author Henry Z Jones discusses these and his book Psychic Roots as it applies to genealogy research. 

  • Mitochondrial DNA with Bennett Greenspan

    in History

    Bennett Greenspan, president of Family Tree DNA, joins Jane to talk about mitochondrial (mt) DNA. What is mtDNA? Why should we test for mtDNA?

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As Carl Sagan said, "You have to know the past to understand the present." History has shaped our nation's character, and our collective strength is measured in how we came together during our most challenging moments: the Civil War, World War I, Prohibition, World War II, the Dust Bowl, McCarthyism, the Cold War, the Challenger disaster, Operation Desert Storm, 9/11 and countless struggles before and since. But history also contains triumphs, from ending slavery to the moon landing to the fall of the Berlin Wall to Mars rover Curiosity. Join in discussion on these and more with historians, collectors, authors, professors and conspiracy theorists alike. Our hosts also show much support for our troops and military families. In fact, technology has played a big part in bringing soldiers closer to home, as they text, email and Skype from the front, and our “talk to the troops” episodes are always inspiring.

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