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    Tributary Twilight: The Qing Dynasty in Late 19th Century Korea

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    Joshua Van Lieu is a historian of 20th century East Asian politics and international relations and an authority on the histories of Joseon Korea and Late Imperial China.  In this conversation, Van Lieu discusses the diplomatic intrigue of the Qing-Korea relationship and explains how the pageantry of tributary practice successfully manipulated Western preconceptions of the “unknowable orient”.  This episode was produced in collaboration with the University of Michigan’s Nam Center for Korean Studies.  To see Joshua Van Lieu’s full lecture, find “The Act was Oriental between Orientals: The Persistence of Late Victorian Translations of the Twilight of Qing-Chosun Tributary Practice” on Youtube.

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    Helios Biblios HOUR, THE Sun Book aka Bible

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    Do Christians Worship the Sun? No, of course not, but their belief is not holy and it has a root in ancient Sun worship. Check it out. The word Holy Bible derives from the Greek Words Helios Biblos. Helios means Sun and Biblos is derived from the ancient Egyptian word, papyrus, which means paper. "Holy Bible" means Sun Book (or compiled papers) and represents the knowledge of the "Children of the Sun" as recorded by the original inhabitants of Egypt.The biblical Jesus, for the most part, is the SUN in the sky. The fiery SUN. John 3:19 "I am the Light of the world," Psalms 84:11 "the Lord God is a sun….," Deuteronomy 4:24 "God is a consuming fire," Mal. 4:2 "Sun of Righteousness," and John 12:46 "...a light into the world" are just a few examples. The 12 apostles of the biblical Jesus are the constellations.People are not born from virgins. The Virgin birth is the SUN having its start (solar calendars) in the constellation of Virgo as it was in some areas of the world. (Virgo is Latin for virgin) The name Mary is symbolic to the names Auset-Meri (Isis) and Maya. Isis was the Virgin mother of the astrological Sun God Heru (Horus) of ancient Egypt. In Buddhist mythology, Maya was the name of the virgin mother of Siddhartha (the Buddha of 2,500 years ago). There are more astrological virgin mothers besides these three. In fact, there were over 10 "crucified saviors" before Jesus, because these are mythological and esoteric stories based on the SUN and it's movements. Virgo is the only female constellation, the celestial virgin.The resurrection of Lazarus is a plagiarized story taken from the Ausarian Resurrection of over 12,000 years ago, which was also based on the SUN. In the story, the God Ausar (Osirus) was killed by his brother, Set (origin of the word Satan). The son (Sun) of Ausar (Osirus), named Heru (Horus in Greek) avenged his father's death.

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    The Golden Age Of Radio~ Classic Radio Programs

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    CLASSIC OLD TIME RADIO SHOWS FROM THE 1940's !!!!! WHAT IS OLD TIME RADIO? Old time radio often called "otr" refers to radio shows from the early days of radio broadcasting. The term usually applies to dramas, comedies, mystery shows, westerns and variety shows that were acted out by professional actors and sent out over the airwaves. In the golden age of radio families would sit around their radio listening to the exciting shows the way we sit around our television sets watching them today. WHO LISTENS TO OLD TIME RADIO SHOWS? OTR fans used to be those people who grew up in the 1930's, 40's and 50's but thanks to the internet a whole new generation is falling in love with OTR! Yes, young and old alike love to listen to the radio shows of yesteryear. You are never too young to appreciate the talented actors and actresses from the golden age of radio. Old time radio cd's and old time radio dvd's as well as downloads have brought those classic programs into the high tech era. Our series of classic radio shows from The Golden Age Of Radio. Syndicated Live from Chicago, Joshua-Paul, the best man to hit the airwaves since Howard Stern. Simultaneously broadcast in many shapes and forms, iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, Blackberry, Android and any Affiliates. You are listening to completely inappropriate content for your listening pleasure. Be prepared to laugh, get serious and maybe even learn something.

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    Ep 85 Nancy Koupal of South Dakota State Historical Society Press

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    Our guest this time is Nancy Koupal of the South Dakota State Historical Society Press. We've got a lot to cover this time. Koupal will discuss her past connection with Laura including finding the famous Ma and Pa portraits, her work bringing out "Pioneer Girl" and the upcoming "Pioneer Girl Prespectives,"  and this April's Laura Ingalls Wilder themed conference. There's always more that you can dig into when it comes to Laura Ingalls Wilder and we'll have a lot of fun doing that this episode.

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    The Roots of Rock and Roll

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    James A. Cosby will talk about his book The Devil's Music, Holy Rollers and Hillbillies: How America Gabe Birth to Rock and Roll.

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    George Christie: Fact from fiction of the Hells Angels

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    Today, we talk with a true American legend George Christie rather then my telling you about him let's use his own words: 
    ..."As an ex-Hells Angel president—the longest serving president in club history—and one-time international spokesperson for the club, George Christie was also the rare peacemaker in a brutally violent culture. Having fought first in the early wars between motorcycle clubs on the streets of Southern California, he came to believe that guns and knives weren’t an answer. George eventually brokered peace not only among a variety of American clubs, but also helped negotiate a truce to the infamously violent Nordic Biker Wars fought between the Scandinavian chapters of the Hells Angels and the Bandidos.  ? ?After four decades of riding with the Hells Angels, George walked away, quitting in 2011. He paid dearly for that decision. Club informants seeking to save themselves provided the basis for trumped-up federal charges that sent George to La Tuna federal prison for a year. He’s been a target of his former club brothers ever since.    Since his release, George has starred in the History Channel TV show, Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels, started Felony Prison Consulting, a company that helps defendants navigate the justice system, and written his memoirs, Exile on Front Street. He regularly lectures to groups ranging from civic organizations and criminal justice classes, to trial lawyer conferences. After the Waco, Twin Peaks shootout, George was asked to speak to law enforcement audiences and agreed to speak on his terms to audiences of police officers, with the goal of preventing any further outlaw biker deaths."...
    I am thankful for this chance    

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    Special Guest Jim Vieira

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    Buck Grottano Podcast with Special Guest Jim Vieira. Jim and his brother Bill Vistared in the History Channel's show "Search of the Lost Giants " Jim also is the Co-Author of the book; "Giants on Record: America's Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds and the Smithsonian" 

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    SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!
    WORLD WEEKLY NEWS OCTOBER 10, 2011 STATES: "CAMBRIDGE, U.K. – New research done by the University of Cambridge proves conclusively that Christopher Columbus was a black man."
    "DNA analysis of the remains of Christopher Columbus, done by forensic scientists at the University of Cambridge, prove beyond a shadow a doubt that the famed navigator was of African descent."
    “A five-hundred-year-mystery has been solved,”  said Wellington Malley, the head of the Cambridge research team.  “Even though Columbus was born in Genoa, and spoke and wrote in Spanish most of his life, the DNA is clear – Columbus was 100% African.  We believe he was from the west coast, probably from what is now Cameroon.”
    Are we to blame for this cramp? Really?
    Let's discuss this new information (213) 286-6737 or skype: prettypurplepassion.1 or chat online.

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    'Law & Justice: Police State, Politics and Civil Rights' - 3-11-2017

    in History

    MPH invites you to today's radio program,(Sat., March 11, 2017) as we will discuss the theme: ' Law & Justice: Police State, Politics and Civil Rights.' Join us by calling in at 1 PM EST t (818) 337-0016 or go online at: www.blogtalkradio.com/missing-pages-of-history-inc

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    Patron Saints of Louis and Antoinette

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    Welcome to Tea at Trianon Radio, dedicated to rehabilitating the reputation of Marie-Antoinette de Lorraine d'Autriche, Queen of France and Navarre. I am Elena Maria Vidal, the author of four historical novels as well as a new biography of Marie-Antoinette entitled Marie-Antoinette, Daughter of the Caesars: Her Life, Her Times, Her Legacy. Pour yourself a cup of tea as we travel back into the past. Today we will be discussing the patron saints of both Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette. We will not be taking phone calls but please email me with a question or comment at emvidal@planetrussell.net.
    Tea at Trianon Radio is brought to you by Mayapple Books, dedicated to publishing modern classics. Visit our website at www.mayapplebooks.net and visit the author at www.emvidal.com.

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