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There is a whole sub-industry in the coaching field of coaches and experts teaching other people how to market and make money. At times, it seems as of that sub-industry is a bigger pool than people who are actually... more

An agenda, it's a good thing right? Maybe. An agenda can keep your work with your client on track. It can prevent meandering. It can also totally derail your clients progress, especially when the agenda you're following is tied to a lot of... more

We know as coaches, we aren't suppose to tell a client what to do. We are suppose to guide our clients to their own wisdom. We are suppose to shepherd them to their own questions and answers. A consultant gives advice. A coach... more

We all have a lens. We see things through our own experiences and with our own bias. Because of that, no two people ever see things exactly the same way, and yet, as coaches, sometimes we assume our clients are experiencing things the... more

A lot of coaches think the thing they need to be a good coach is a strong set of tools. While knowing and working with a suite a tools and processes might make you a good coach. It won't necessarily make you a great coach. Too much... more

A lot of coaches ask themselves that question. I sure hope the answer to the question is yes, because your life is never going to be perfect. As long as you're alive you'll be growing, changing, and evolving, and all of that growth and... more

A million dollar idea isn't worth two cents if you don't have the courage, stamina, and conviction to see it through. We all love overnight success stories, however behind almost every single "overnight success" are years, maybe even decades,... more

It can feel like slippery territory. It's very difficult for a coach to know how to help a client who is suffering from mental illness. For that matter it can be difficult to even know for sure if a client is struggling with mental illness of what they are... more

How do you make money like a pro?? That's the red hot question for most coaches. However, to be honest, making money is only part of the equation. If you're making money hand over fist, but your miserable, it's not... more

Here's the truth. When you decide to become a coach there are no garauntees for success. You might make it. You might not. It's all up to you, and to be very clear, it takes courage. It takes courage to build your skills. It takes courage to put... more