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Join me tonight at 11:00pm by dailing into (657) 383-0345 This is a show that gets to the heart of issues that matter. The goal is to bring awareness to a lie! The lie that said you are not good enough, smart enough or will never amount to anything pure and good. We are about to expose many lies that have tried to destroy you. We will demolish every negative thing that has ever spoken death into you and replace it with positive words that speak life in to your Mind, Body & Spirit.

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If you wake up every day wondering, how did this happen? How did I get myself into such a messy financial situation? Well, you are not alone. Maybe you lent money to someone who has not paid you back yet. Astronomical Student loans,... more

When You go left and God said move to the right.......... Trusting God even when you do not understand the path that has been choosen for you. Understand that you never have to chase what God has sent for you. This applies to... more

Having a major set back can leave you feeling alone, devasted and lost. However, you must learn that every setback must have a come back. When love ones let you down, family counts you out, sickness tries to take over and friends... more

We live in a world of gimme gimme now. Mankind wants quick results with out putting in the hard work. So you are unhappy and have experienced another pretty little hurt? Instead of fixing yourself and becoming stronger, you go out of... more

Welcome to Get Fit With Monie-Mind Body and Spirit join me tonight at 11:00pm as we explore how do you deal with someone who never sees themselves as the problem? They are never wrong and you have all the issues? Every single thing... more

When life gives you lemons just make lemonade! Sometimes life just happens and it can get in the way of our plans. Do you ever feel like just when things are starting to fall into place here comes those negative situations looming over your... more

Join me Monica Lighty tonight on Get Fit With Monie-Mind, Body & Spirit at 11:00pm Eastern (657) 383-0345 or via computer as I explore, "What is happiness" and how can we create it? It is the quality or state of being... more

Instant chemistry, clever, super smart,funny with many interesting stories. Emotionally stimulating yet looming in the back in the corner in the dark..... past relationship issues that eventually effected the current relationship. Friends who... more

Join me tonight for a motivational word of encouragement as we enter into 2017 dial into (657) 383-0345 or log on via computer. Make sure 2017 is better than the years you left behind. Take control of your life, be selfish with you and for a... more

Join me Monica Lighty tonight as I discuss how to detect if you are dating a NARC. Dial into (657) 383- 0345. Out with your girls having a great time and you meet him or her, your eyes lock and you feel sparks because they said the right... more