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Our Top Ten Picks of 2013: A Year in Review

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We here at Game Centric Radio wanted to take some time out from our busy holiday schedules to give you this: Our Top Picks of the 2013! Tune in as we discuss our Top Ten Picks for 2013, which encompass all of our favorite gaming mediums, including: digital, paper and pencil, card, cardboard, and plastic.

Unfortunately, Dawson was not able to record his Top Picks with us, so his list appears here:

10. Cards Against Humanity
9. Magic: The Gathering 14
8. New Super Mario Bros 2
7. Bioshock
6. Castlevania Lord of Shadows Mirror of Fate
5. Outlast
4. Neverwinter
3. Pokemon Y
2. Star Wars Old Republic
1. StarCraft II

Since we prerecorded this show (though the broadcast will be attended in the chatroom by Donnie and e-mail/social media by Jade), we have a couple of notes/some errata:
* Dead Mike's #6 game is Minesweeper
* Donnie's #3 game is (his) DnD 3.5 game (which is discussed in far more detail as one of Jade's entries)
* We'll be returning to our "standard" (LIVE) format on January 7th at 8 p.m. (CST)!


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