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Game Centric Radio features discussion of card, board, video, and table-top roleplaying games. The team will review and explore all areas of gaming.

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It's been one heck of a ride this past year. The Game Centric Radio Crew made it through one year of podcasting, reviews, conventions, and everything in between. While this year has been a blast, the coming year will leave you on the edge of... more

Many games today are not merely games. They start as games, and somehow, through some mystical process *cough-marketing-cough* they grow, spawn, and morph into other media as well. Many well-known titles have gone on to sire... more

'Tis the season. You mark down all of the holiday sales, compile your wishlists for mass distribution, and gas up the car to make the shopping rounds. Wait ... you mean you DIDN'T get all of that ready? No need to fear! Let the GCR Crew help... more

Ever wonder why some games have you keep coming back for more, even though you are finding yourself struggling to the point of frustration at a specific area? Do you get an adrenaline kick when you are fighting the last boss of your favorite... more

Ever wonder how your favourite games are brought over the good ol' US of A? Believe it or not, there is a very long and -- sometimes -- highly debated upon process that goes into getting the games you know set up "just right" for the US... more

Ever wonder, as you play your favorite game, "Gee, I wish I could dress up like that character?" For most, this is comes and goes as a fleeting dream. Some, however, take it upon themselves to assemble all of the sewing skills as well as... more

Come celebrate with us as GCR turns one this week! It is a very auspicious time, and we will celebrate in style! Halloween is also upon us, so we'll also take a look at some scary, horror-filled games of all shapes and sizes -- and a... more

This week, the GCR Crew is taking a break from all the Con and event happenings to bring to you what we are currently playing. It's going to be more of a free-form, casual discussion. So tune in, and don't miss out!

Join the Game Centric crew as we discuss gaming accessories -- but not the ones we plug in to our systems! We're going to be talking about tee-shirts, bags, customized jewelry, where to buy great gamer-wear, and monthly box options... more

Join the GameCentric Radio Crew as we review our weekend at RamenCon! We'll discuss panels, gaming, anime, and all the other cool stuff we find along the way. We'll also be sharing some delicious suggestions for cheap (or free!) gaming... more