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Game Centric Radio features discussion of card, board, video, and table-top roleplaying games. The team will review and explore all areas of gaming.

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You enter the dark and dingy dungeon. You are armed with naught but your shining sword and your cunning wit. In the distance, you see the damsel in distress calling out to you from where she has been imprisoned. All that stands between you and victory is the towering ogre staring you down, drooling and looking at you as his next meal. What do you do? Roll Initiative! Join the GCR crew this week as we focus in on Table-Top Role-Playing Games. We'll talk about some of our old favorites as well as talk about some of the new game systems that are coming out. We'll also welcome back Job Rock to our show from his hiatus. Of course, no episode would be complete without an Impromptu Game Review from Scott. Buckle up and prime your dice, this is one show you'll not want to miss!
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Expansions, updates, and upgrades can be part of the gaming goodness we look forward to each year. After all, who doesn't want to increase the replay-ability or add new features to their favorite game!? This week, Scott will showcase... more

Stores all over the greater US of A made "Christmas in July" a thing. Sure, it gives you an opportunity to save money and buy some really cool things, but hasn't Christmas taken up enough of our calendar? The GCR Crew is going to make a... more

With summer in full swing, many gaming shows/conventions are coming and going so fast, it can make your head spin. Suffering from gaming information overload? Fear not! The GCR Crew will help cure what ails you by providing... more

Ever wonder what goes into making a card game? Ever wonder what goes into a board game? Ever wonder what goes into a cardboard game!? Well, the latter we, sadly, won't be covering next week. However, The GCR Crew WILL talk more... more

As we've stated before, gaming is always better with a friend. Wouldn't be awesome if you could bring more people together to share games and compete with a wide variety of people? This week, the GCR crew shows you how to... more

Games have always been inherently multiplayer. Sure, we can play them on our own, but the real fun comes when we can gather a group of friends and battle through the next dungeon -- or fling turtle shells at one another on the race... more

Break out the sunscreen, pack up the beach towels, and don't forget to grab your controllers! Summer is coming, and with it comes the exciting prospect of New Game Releases and the Summer Convention Circuit. Join the GCR crew as we... more

Games and TV go together like peanut butter and jelly. There has been so much cross-platform mingling of these two mediums for so long, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. This week, the GCR Crew will attempt... more

Sure, we've all played our fair share of Role-Playing Games. But did you know that JRPG's and WRPG's are fundamentally different? Join us as the GCR Crew investigate, compare, and contrast what makes an RPG a Japanese... more

Kids these days. They never seem to get it right. They just don't know how good they have it now. Wouldn't be nice to go back to YOUR golden age of gaming? Join us as the GCR crew discusses discontinued games -- or, rather,... more