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Forming Faithful Families

Forming Faithful Families


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In today’s prevalent culture the institution of the family and faith are under attack. With absolute confidence in the grace and power of God, we at Forming Faithful Families, whose primary mission is Strengthening Families in the Faith, have been inspired to put out into the deep (see Luke 5:4) to do our part to turn this tide. Forming Faithful Families, hosted by James Littleton, is a faithful and trustworthy radio program in service to the New Evangelization saturated with scripture, and containing teaching, reflections, anecdotes and encouragement pertaining to our Catholic Faith, with a substantial focus on Marriage and Family Life Faith Formation.

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There is a prevalence of inordinate fear and anxiety in western culture today. Yet, we are called not to live a fear driven life, but rather a life of deeply rooted faith and trust in our loving, all powerful, caring Father in heaven. Yes, He is your... more

We will talk, from a Catholic perpective, about the demonic dangers of the Occult including the popular Ouija Board.

True death with dignity is trusting in our Lord God that He is seeing to the perfect timing of our personal death. We find dignity in God's will. Nowhere else! I'm afraid the so-called ?death with dignity? movement has the potential to... more

May we all live each day as if our last and as the gift it is. May we each place God first, and slow down to enable ourselves to see the Face of God in others, especially in our family members, and be thankful for them. and The father of a... more

Catholic Church's teaching on homosexuality. May we begin by sharing that we at Forming Faithful Families are SINNNERS. As SINNERS, we often fail, and turn with confidence to our always Merciful Lord, Jesus. Jesus came not to call and... more

Part Four of Awe of Life I would like to just touch on two more important moral matters pertaining to the sanctity of life: Invitro Fertilization And Embryonic stem cell research We have to first reiterate what I presented in greater detail in... more

Part Three of Awe of Life My wife, Kathleen and I have many times been challenged about the size of our family by people, even by relatives, who were often concerned and perhaps had the best of intentions. One of the greatest... more

Awe of Life Part Two What do you suggest for couples seeking to discern what God asks of them through the Church's call to responsible parenthood? Here we are discussing openness to life within marriage. The answer to this... more

I am sad to report that Kathleen and I are potentially guilty of abortion ourselves in that we used the Pill for a period of time before we started our family. We long ago repented of and regret this objectively grave sin, which has been washed... more

More on Healing through Mercy and Forgiveness. When Jesus forgives He forgets. He does not hold our sins against us. Can our all-knowing God actually forget our sins? Yes, only because He chooses to do so, and promises that He... more