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Discussions of humanity, in order to discover more about our complex and largely unknown existence. What being human really means at its core and outward. An open forum for the most part, but dealing with honest ideas, and how they relate to and affect us.

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So, I've been relfecting on and confronting my humanity for about 6 years out of 30, and have made some big changes. Those internal changes have led to some external ones; writing some books, starting a group about humanity, and trying... more

As humans, it is always easier for us to assume knowledge and value; automatically accept or deny exterior information. In other words, every single thing you believe, know, dream, imagine, think about, want, and fear could be... more

I'm going to do another open forum show, since I like to take turns with rants and open forums, and I ranted about karma last time. I will say the phone number to call in throughout the show. Pease, if you hear the show and have a desire... more

What goes around, comes around. Well, does it really? Is there a guaranteed balance of some sort to morality; to our actions and knowledge? Is your life just a small part of a connected consciousness? If so, how? I recently watched... more

I haven't done an open forum in a while. I am genuinely making an effort to do more shows and raise the quality of them. The show revolves around the most important living things in the universe from what 'we' can tell... us. Not just... more

Although I only concentrate on two negative emotions (conceit and pride) in the second book, empathy is well worth mentioning. It also isn't what we typically make it out to be. Empathy isn't really an emotion, it's just that the emotional... more

Like all emotions, pride is a subconscious or automated reaction to absorbed information. It isn't something we choose. It doesn't deal with reality, but instead deals with your feelings of comfort. It just feels better to assume you're always... more

Part two of the talk on choice. In part one I talked about how important choice is and that we take it for granted. I also touched on why we do so, and why we make false assumptions about choice and chance. In this second part, I will talk... more

Okay, so I haven't been doing regular shows at all, but I want to start back up again. I've been listening to and thinking about this whole 'free will debate' lately. A lot of very smart and logical people are saying it doesn't exist. So, this... more

I have not done a show in months. It would add effect if I stated that it was because of a streak of bad luck but it wasn't. Quite simply, I got lazy and discouraged in terms of the podcast, because it is just me talking to myself.... more
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