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What goes around, comes around.

Well, does it really? Is there a guaranteed balance of some sort to morality; to our actions and knowledge? Is your life just a small part of a connected consciousness? If so, how?

I recently watched a movie called CLOUD ATLAS, which revolves around this idea. It bounces around time, focusing on the actions of mainly good characters facing evil ones, and how their actions and knowledge are connected througout time. In the end, despite evil still winning out in a way, it hints that the seeds of good were planted and eventually take over. There is one character played by Halle Berry that seems to come from a time when this is so; that humanity is overwhelmingly good.

So what about this Karma business? Is it valid? Is there any proof that human morality balances, or changes at all, automatically by natural or supernatural forces?

This is the tough part, because I believe in the connectedness and default improvement of humanity, but it isn't through mysticism or spirituality. I believe, from evidence (evolution), that if we stay alive long enough we will become more moral through conscious growth as a species. But, that belief is not that practical, and not knowledge.

The practical knowledge is that in our lives everything works on cause and effect; if I hurt people there are effects, and if I heal people there are effects. The understandable now and seemingly reasonable future are the reasons to get better.  But there is no guarantee that acts of kindness or evil will build and eventually overcome.

Believing in that guarantee can have consequences; real effects that matter. I will explain what that is and how buying in to any unforeseeable reality at play is negative.