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Choice Part1

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Okay, so I haven't been doing regular shows at all, but I want to start back up again.

I've been listening to and thinking about this whole 'free will debate' lately. A lot of very smart and logical people are saying it doesn't exist. So, this uneducated and logical person wants to explain why it does. Not for bragging rights, because let's face it, no one cares what I think. But, because it matters, and matters a lot.

We humans are unlike anything else we know of in the universe. Not only can we consciously think, but we can turn those conscious thoughts into actions; even actions that disagree with our deep-rooted desire to feel instantly satisfied. True independent choice exists, even among the endless influence around us.

It's a tricky subject, because external and internal influences are so powerful that the freedom to have our own willpower often seems impossible. However, if you look at it honestly and with all the necessary truths, you'll see that the question isn't does free will exist, but to what extent. Even then, we may be suprised; especially if we overcome what limits free will in the first place.

I think I'll make this a two-parter, since it's a big idea... and it gives me another show without having to come up with another one.