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Envita Reviews Kristyn's Lyme Disease Story

  • Broadcast in Health



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I started developing symptoms in 1994 after moving from New York to Arizona. I did not get a bulls eye rash. I was extremely fatigued, had joint pain, flu-like symptoms, brain fog, hair loss, confusion, headaches, depression and anxiety to name a few. I went to every doctor and specialist I could think of. I was repeatedly told there was nothing wrong with me and dismissed with pain killers, antidepressants and steroids. This went on for 16 years. I finally went to Envita after my sister-in-law Becky urged me for two years. She told me I had all the symptoms of Lyme Disease. I thought it was impossible because I had been tested before and the labs always came back negative. Envita actually listened to me and my symptoms. They send your blood to a specialized lab…not one where you get results in 1 or 2 days. Both  tests came back positive for Lyme, which I was told rarely happens. I was immediately put on a treatment protocol specifically for me. I further refined my diet, which is a big key to recovering.  I believe Envita's treatment protocol saved my life. I am so grateful to Envita! Untreated Lyme is so dangerous and it is a lot more prevalent than we are led to believe. If you have any undiagnosed symptoms or have been dismissed, don’t give up!