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    The Black Academic Holocaust: The Mis-Education of Black Youth in America

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    This week’s broadcast episode of Real Talk with Rick and J. Rich will focus on the mis-education of black youth in America. The current educational system in America is designed to ensure that our young black men fail. The current system misdiagnoses a disproportionate amount of black boys with certain psychological, learning disabilities, such as ADHD and mild mental retardation. These diagnoses are highly subjective, meaning that they are simply based on the opinion of the school psychologist that makes the diagnosis. There is no objective scientific data or tests that can substantiate the diagnosis. 


    The first thing to understand is that diagnosing young black boys with learning disabilities is big business in America. First, the school district gets between two to three times more money for every student that is diagnosed with a learning disability and subsequently classified as a special education student. Second, your child does not have to be in a special education classroom to be part of the special education program, so it may not be as obvious. Third, whenever a child is diagnosed with a disorder, such as ADHD, they will be prescribed medications to help manage it, meaning that pharmaceutical companies are able to profit off of their back.


    This runs even deeper. National statistics reveal that three out of every four black males will drop out of high school before earning a high school diploma. This is by design; it is important to understand this...


    We will speak on these issues and more, this Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 8:00 pm. I hope that you can join us. For more information, visit our Facebook page. 

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    Dealing with a child with ADD/ADHD.

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    HAVING A BAD DAY, All parents were not born with instructions on how to be a good parent let alone a GREAT PARENT.  But God's word has the answer to all our situations. Pastor Fran has been recently blessed with learning how to help children who suffer from ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and children who have been wrongfully diagnosed. Praise God she has helped and observed miraculous healing and deliverance.  Tune in as she shares her experience in seeing the results of NEUROFEEDBACK, through Dr. Aquino's Foundation and anointed hands and words of healing.

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    When Doctors Don't Listen

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    Dr. Leana Wen is an emergency physician at Brigham & Women's/Massachusetts General Hospital, clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School, and a former Rhodes Scholar. Inspired by her own childhood illness and then her mother's long battle with cancer, Dr. Wen is passionate about guiding patients to advocate for better care. She has been featured in TIME, Newsweek, The New York Times, Washington Post  and Teen Vogue, and has appeared on the ABC News, NPR, CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, and the award-winning HBO documentary Reporter.
    Dr. Wen speaks regularly across the U.S. and in Europe, Asia, and Africa to on simple yet effective ways for patients to take control of their health and her new book, When Doctors Don't Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary Tests.
    We are thrilled to have her join us tonight as Lisa Pasbjerg, executive coach and CEO of Focused Coaching asks her to help us to understand exactly what happens when doctors don't listen, and what healthcare providers and patients can do to prevent the potentially dangerous, and often, very costly effects of the misdiagnoses that are likely to follow.  Don't miss this important and engaging interview; it could very well save the life of you, or someone you love!

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    DR.CHARLES PARKER - ADHD Neuroscience Expert Psychiatrist, a

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    Dr. Charles Parker takes on the medical community to provide cutting-edge ADHD solutions to professionals, parents and patients.His book, New ADHD Medication Rules, deals with the over-medication, missed diagnoses, and imbalanced medical treatments used today in the treatment of ADHD.Dr. Parker shows where and how these imbalances occur, provides the data and explanations for why treatment is often incorrect, and then simplifies and explains insightful methods for dealing with ADHD, both for medical practioners and parents of kids and adults with ADHD.Dr. Parker is entertaining, fun, and discusses both psych medications and ADHD specifics from the perspective of street wisdom combined with understandable brain science. Speaking nationally for more than 20 years on topics from addiction and recovery to medications, he's on a mission to correct the nonsense of non-science in psychiatry.His book, New ADHD Medication Rules, will make a significant difference in many lives frustrated by years of mind-misunderstandings and medical naiveté.From neuroimaging to psychoanalysis to cellular physiology, Dr. Parker will keep your audience interested and sets a new tone for participatory medicine in psychiatry.ADHD: Treatments That Work.The Evolution of Pharmacology to Include Molecular and Cellular Data.Relationship Management from Bedroom To Boardroom.Knowing Your Self: Relationship Management Over Time.The Biology Of Mismanagement.For HR teamsBiomedical Measurements - The Future of Psychiatry: Data Matters.

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    Episode (81):Anal Retentiveness or Procrastination

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    Tonight we are going to address two theories that for many establish success or create failure in their life: Anal Retentiveness and Procrastination. Anal Retentiveness is marred by rigidity and an unyielding stubbornness said to be developed early on in the psychosexual stage that Freud called anal stage. Procrastination is laden with misdiagnoses of priority relegating pleasure above discipline; again a Freud concept related to what he calls the pleasure principle. Our conversation will consume these big notions of the two theories and apply them to groups, individuals, success and failure. We will challenge the traditional definitions of both and the application of both and see what is relevant from the two and how we should apply them in our lives.  Join the conversation. 
    The Move Crew Radio Show is in place to help you to be the best that you can be. Ralph and Shawn are your hosts and with their experience, education and passion you will be guided to the best path that allows you to experience today and ultimately " Grow Your Greatness." The tag line for this show is 'in order to grow great we all must communicate.' Join us and let's grow together.  

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    Sustained in the Storm: One Woman's Fight for Life

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    Have you ever heard of a Meningioma tumor before?
    Neither had Dr. Mary K. Sanders, a college professor who was abruptly introduced to one after a series of potentially deadly health challenges and misdiagnoses nearly claimed her life. In her new book, "God Kept Me," Dr. Sanders describes the harrowing ordeal she went through to find out what was causing her good health to decline.
    Tune in as she talks to me about what she learned about these mysterious tumors, how common they are in women between the ages of 40 and 70 years old, and how faith in God brought back her memory and ignited a passion to change the lives of others.
    Call in, 646-716-6910, or chat with us LIVE during the show!

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    Real Talk LIVE - Episode 176

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    TONIGHT: Should misdiagnoses draw serious criminal charges. Student berated over tweet? Bernie Fine fired. Herman Cain more sexual abuse allegations. Everything's debatable. Real. Talk. Hosted by Brandon Baskin and Gabe Rosemond.

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    Envita Reviews Kristyn's Lyme Disease Story

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    I started developing symptoms in 1994 after moving from New York to Arizona. I did not get a bulls eye rash. I was extremely fatigued, had joint pain, flu-like symptoms, brain fog, hair loss, confusion, headaches, depression and anxiety to name a few. I went to every doctor and specialist I could think of. I was repeatedly told there was nothing wrong with me and dismissed with pain killers, antidepressants and steroids. This went on for 16 years. I finally went to Envita after my sister-in-law Becky urged me for two years. She told me I had all the symptoms of Lyme Disease. I thought it was impossible because I had been tested before and the labs always came back negative. Envita actually listened to me and my symptoms. They send your blood to a specialized lab…not one where you get results in 1 or 2 days. Both  tests came back positive for Lyme, which I was told rarely happens. I was immediately put on a treatment protocol specifically for me. I further refined my diet, which is a big key to recovering.  I believe Envita's treatment protocol saved my life. I am so grateful to Envita! Untreated Lyme is so dangerous and it is a lot more prevalent than we are led to believe. If you have any undiagnosed symptoms or have been dismissed, don’t give up!