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It is Black Nationalism Now Or Never! Build For Yourself!

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It is black nationalism now or never! For 600+ years, you have been building a nation who refuse to grant you basic rights.

For 600+ years, you have been cultivating fields and yielding good crop for a nation that refuse to feed your physical, emotional, and psychological hunger.

For 600+ years, you have been defending a nation's honor who refuse to honor you. There has been no one, to date, more active than you. You have been so active defending this nation that you have forgotten to acknowledge your own. It is time for you to become convicted to do something for yourself and not feel guilty about it.

Self Preservation is the first law of nature. Humanity was made to be selfish first and then to serve your brethren. How can you be a keeper of your brethren if you have not discovered how to keep yourself.?  And how can you do something for yourself and not be, first, selfish?  It is not wrong to be selfish, However, it is wrong to be ruled by selfishness.

Jesus was instructiong his disciples to go the length to honor their neighbor. So he used the parable of a man who owned a tunic (cloak) and a coat. Insisting that the "Neighbor Law" become a custom to distinguish his flock from others.

It is one the most daring petitions of love ever performed under the law; provided you have the means to perform it. Before you can give your brethren you cloak, you have to own one! And before you can give him your coat, you must own one! Whatever is required of you must retain it first!

So, I ask you, How can you yield a better  tommorrow when you are having a lousy day. This is common sense! And I am telling you! We are drunken with the nightmares of today and so we live in a schizophrenic tommorrrow!