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Dont Bite Your Tongue

Don't Bite Your Tongue


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Our show is filled with thoughtful, witty and raw commentary on everthing going on in the world...news, pop culture, entertainment and relationships among other topics that keeps us from biting our tongues.

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We will dive into a few of the top stories that had the internet buzzing and streets talking over the past few weeks: Missouri proposing food stamp purchase restrictions…REALLY? A woman called 911 to get police assistance and... more

There are several issues facing African Americans. Just to name a few, there is racism, high unemployment, poor educational systems, judicial injustices, poorly maintained urban neighborhoods and economic inequalities. There are many... more

The Department of Justice revealed to the world a fact that any person of color who has driven through Ferguson already knows…driving while black will cost you. The fallout has resulted in a few resignations, changes in nearby... more

St. Louis is a city filled with talented people! We have music artists, business owners, movie producers, authors…they all started with dreams and turned them into goals. We will talk to them to discuss their journeys, their future plans... more

Intimacy, love and sex are individually defined by life experiences, both good and bad. The manifestation of intimacy, love or sex is an outward expressions of our internal state of being. These three human experiences build upon and connect... more

Black women are either portrayed as the sex vixen, the bitch, the mouthy one, or the golddigger. What's up with that ? Mo' nique (who is now blackballed in Hollywood) won an Oscar for portraying an abusive pedophile mother, Halle won... more

Many women are proud of their strength and ability to be self sufficient. They chant ?I am woman hear me roar?...loudly…and ALONE! Why? Is their strength being misinterpreted or are they misinterpreting what it means to be a... more

Ladies you asked for it and now you got it! Your questions will be answered by the fellas...real, raw, honest answers. The men will share what they think, feel and understand as relates to the questions you have submitted. Ladies you asked:... more

Transgender men and women of color are part of our collective narrative as a people. They are here and have a story to tell. Their stories are just like the rest of ours…filled with moments of love, hate, triumph, defeat, joy, struggle,... more

According to an article written by Nia Hamm, depression is a huge health concern among African Americans — particularly women — but mental health is often stigmatized in the Black community. Although it can impact... more