Dont Bite Your Tongue

Don't Bite Your Tongue


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Our show is filled with thoughtful, witty and raw commentary on everthing going on in the, pop culture, entertainment and relationships among other topics that keeps us from biting our tongues.

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Being a police officer is a challenging, dangerous, rewarding and often thankless calling. Officer's put their lives on the line everyday that they suit up for the job. Although most of them do not walk around consciously wondering ?Will I make... more

The Grand Jury decision is expected to be annouced tonight. Regardless of what is annouced, we need to talk with each other, support each other, pray for one another and heal together. What are you feeling tonight? What can we do to... more

Facebook, Twitter, Google News, Media Take Out, TMZ and a host of others are now our news sources. These sites capture our attention with reports about pop culture and current events...not just political current events but instead... more

The midterm elections were held on November 4th. Nationally, the Democrats were slaughtered at the polls. Why? We will discuss voter apathy and the implications of a Republican Congress. Locally, we will discuss Stenger's win as... more

From Essence Magazine: "66% of eligible African-Americans voted in the 2012 presidential elections. That number is projected to decrease by 6.5 million people to just 42% of eligible Blacks in this year's midterms." Why? Is it apathy or do... more

The rash of killings of young black males by police officers has catapulted us into the dire need to discuss race relations in our communities. More specifically, the killing of Michael Brown has been the catalyst for several protests across the... more

Homosexuality appears to be more prevelent in our society. The closet doors have been flung off the hinges and many in our society are uncomfortable with the open relevations of the LGBT community. Why do people feel so... more

As human beings most of us believe in a power higher than ourselves...God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Jehovah, The Source, The Light. But, does believing in a higher power equate to a spiritual walk or a religious lifestyle? What is the... more

The Ray Rice elevator video has put the spotlight on domestic abuse. The dirty little secret of abuse has been exposed for the world to see. Unfortunately, this "secret" is one of the poorest kept and most accepted forms of violence in our... more

The role of a father in the family structure is essential to the overall development or lack thereof of each child. Children who grow up without their fathers develop insecurities and voids that can not be easily filled. Enter the DADDIES...they say... more