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The Don S. McClure Show Live - How To Secure SUCCESS In Life and Projects

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Don S McClure

Don S McClure


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The Don S. McClure Show Live - How To Secure SUCCESS In Projects and Life

Everything starts with a seed, no matter what it is, from fruit to trees,
to birds to the fish in the sea. Nothing can become anything unless it starts with a seed, especially humans.  But where do your seeds to secure success in life and your projects come from that will help you grow?
All seeds come from thoughts, there for the seed for life comes from your thoughts. The desire to achieve is a seed, the fear of becoming successful comes from a negative seed. When a farmer has a bad crop, he will think back to where he got his seeds from and determine if the seeds were terrible too begin with. When he has a good crop, he knows he started with good seeds.  So if good seeds create a great harvest, your best thoughts will produce and secure the success you want in whatever you chose to achieve.  Your seeds begin with your thoughts and questions that you ask yourself. 
Do you believe you can have a successful idea?
Are you willing to forgo everything to pursue that idea or desire no matter if the outcome may not turn out as you planned? 
Are you willing to suffer the pain that will come from trying over and over again?
Will you find the seeds of courage to measure your true progress so that if you have to change course, or move to another area where the ground is fertile so that your seeds can grow?

But remember it will not be easy to master this type of thinking. I can promise you the pain you will experience will not be of joy or any easier than when a child has to fight its way from the birth canal. Or when a seed has to fight off predators to exist in the world and so will you, face your predators who don't want you to succeed and will stop at nothing to prove your seeds of thoughts were bad or poorly thought out in the first place.