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Don S McClure

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Author and Producer,explores real life topics from romance to relationships,Political views, history facts, to everyday life subjects. They will excite and amaze.

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The Don S. McClure Show- Taking Life to Serious in every situation. Are you talking life to Serious at times? Sometimes we don't stop and listen to what our bodies is trying to tell us. We miss the message from our brain; that is sending a signal that we are Pensive about some thought. Take for example the meaning of the word Pensive: The simple Definition can mean: Quietly sad or thoughtful or in deep thought about your life. 1. She would often slip into her pensive state thinking only about the dreams that couldn't come true. 2. Becoming or turning pensive at the thought of losing something or someone. 3. I was gradually turning more and more pensive as the day of my departure was nearing. 4. A sad or dismal thoughtfulness about situations feeling like there is no way out and becoming too serious and not enjoying life or what you have insight or as they say. You can't see the forest for the trees. Dialog: By Don S. McClure
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The Don S. McClure Show -Featured Conversation 10/07/ 2016 STAYING ON TRACK WITH YOUR GOALS AND DIRECTION: Each day in your life is filled with 24 hours. Not 28, 45, 18, or even 60, the Clock is set at 24. What you value... more

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The Don S. McClure Show Live - Finding that placed called home Do you ever wonder why, out of all the places in the world? With all the different sizes, colors, images, and things that go inside. You find that one place that you call home just... more

The Don S. McClure Show - Feeling What You Love VS Searching For What You Love Show Topic for next Friday, Feeling what you love and want out of life vs Searching for what you love. What you think you want out of life and searching... more

The Don S. McClure Show - Live - Unstoppable - Nothing can deter you from your goals. In The Merriam-Webster Dictionary The word deter is rooted in fear. It was borrowed into English around the mid-16th century from the Latin verb... more

The Don S. McClure Show - Live- Perception - VS - Reality Tonights Show - 08 26 201 PERCEPTION -VS- REALITY How often do you go about the business of your day by the perceptions of what others have said about you? Are... more

The Don S. McClure Show - LIve what makes a great story Learning how to develop and create a great story for a book or film What makes a great story? Understanding how to develop and create a great story for a book or film. What... more
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