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Author and Producer,explores real life topics from romance to relationships,Political views, history facts, to everyday life subjects. They will excite and amaze.

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The Don S. McClure Show - My Year in Review, the last show of the year. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year My year in review as a author and what I have enjoyed creating each of my books. from My First Book Broken Wings fallen Angels, My True Life Story. To Romantic Images of You Where my heart belongs, To Have a Friend One of the best Crime Thrillers ever written The Gods and the Beginning of LIfe. The Dark Side of The Earth, Demons and Angels at First Glance I Love Writting a Fun LOve Story To Santa Claus VS The Aliens a Christmas Wish to my new book, Santa Claus and The Robot Wars the Joys of Christmas. It has been an amazing year. Thanks to all my fans, friends, supporters and my family. Happy New Year.
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The Don S. McClure Show - Words! How we use them Words! How We Use Them A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on... more

The Don S. McClure Show Live - Appreciating Your Joy Your joy is filled with exciting moments that last for a life time. They are the memories of the great moments that leave an imprint on your mind and heart. That first kiss, that first... more

The Don S. McClure LIve- THE PROBLEM WITH BEING CONFIDENT. Tonight's Topic: The problem with being confident: Being confident has always been one word that most people find hard to understand. Most of the time it is... more

The Don S. McClure Show Live - Music, Words, & Weather. Using the natural elements to inspire your creative side. Releasing your imagination and seeing life and love through the seasons. Finding the magic and peace of mind in... more

The Don S. McClure Show - The Joys of Being Creative. Being creative is truly a gift. To take your imagination and bring to life your very ideas, your thoughts and your experience from childhood to your adult life. To watch the images come to... more

The Don S. McClure Show Fear is your greatest enemy The shows Topic Fear is your Greatest Enemy Fear can make you lose all of the values in your life. Fear will make you second guest yourself. Fear will cost you more of the... more

The Don S. McClure Show TONIGHTS: TOPIC Inspired by Inspiration What inspires me to write, create and imagine & what is my foundation for my inspiration in life: Inspiration is one of the keys to development in your life. It can... more

The Don S. McClure Show-Having Real Faith and Respect for Self. Faith: is belief that is not based on proof. It can also be defined as confidence or trust in a person, thing, deity, view, or in the doctrines or teachings of a religion, or... more

The Don S. McClure Show- Every Body Has A unique Gift Inside them... Everybody has a unique gift inside them, your life is like a flower. How you view yourself is the most important issues of item you can place in your mind. I see... more

The Don S. McClure Show- Fortitude & Victory- A winning Spirit 1. Strength of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage. 2. Strength and Firmness of mind; resolute endurance 3. Mental and emotional strength in... more
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