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Author and Producer,explores real life topics from romance to relationships,Political views, history facts, to everyday life subjects. They will excite and amaze.

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The Don S. McClure Show- Live- How the weather effects your mind and body. The weather can contribute to your mood swings in a day. Understanding this can help you with your view of how your day will go. And how well you will perform.
  • by Don S McClure
  • in Lifestyle
  • 02:00
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The Don S. McClure Show-Live - The Question: The view you see of others in your mind. Could you be wrong or only seeing things one way. Each day you will encounter an issue, a statement, or a conversation with a friend, lover, family... more

The Don S. McClure Show - A Mothers Love and a song I chose the song "always in forever" as a tribute to my boys, my grandson and parents because it has been the best unconditional joyful love I ever experienced. As a young girl, I was... more

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The Don S. McClure Show Live - Black History, the Future & Family Honor. Black history started with a week celebration because of a man who had a vision for Black Culture, especially the ties to family, progress, and history. His vision, he... more

The Don S. McClure Show Live - Creative Dark Side of The Earth Demons & Angels at First Glance. Written by Renowned American Author Don S. McClure Each day we believe that our faith is being tested in our life journey. We think... more

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The Don S. McClure Show Live- Value- Your Moral Compass VS Financial Rewards. The Don S. McClure Show Live- Are you letting your pursuit of money direct your moral compass in gaining happiness and respect.In life, you will... more
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