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Author and Producer,explores real life topics from romance to relationships,Political views, history facts, to everyday life subjects. They will excite and amaze.

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UPCOMING SHOW on Friday- Fund Raiser for Cancer: The Don S. McClure Show Live IN PEORIA, ILLINOIS - ( Responsibilities Life Path) This is our first Fund Raiser Broadcast to help in the fight against Cancer in Children. Presented... more

The Don S. McClure Show- With Age Comes Wisdom This is not always the case for some, and for others it becomes everything. With Age Comes Wisdom The years move fast in your life cycle. From your birth to childhood, to your... more

The Don S. McClure Show - REACTING TO LIFE EXPERIENCES Tonight's Topic Reacting to Life Experiences I want to talk about you and how you feel. How do we avoid reacting to some of life's bad experiences? Why do we live our... more

The Don S. McClure Show- Understanding your purpose and Gods wisdom in my life. We each believe we were all given birth for a purpose in life. Some of us are created to be teachers. Some of us were created to guide. Some of us were... more

The Don S. McClure Show Live On Air Book Talk Conversations with special guest. Our subject is: The Joy of Writing and why story telling is a great art. Featured Author Dominique Wilkins from Chicago, Illinois. What makes a great... more

The Don S. McClure Show - EXPECTIONS In Life, Love, personal and business relationships. : a belief that something will happen or is likely to happen : a feeling or belief about how successful, good, etc., ( someone or something will be.)... more

The Don S. McClure Show three important words, TRUST-FAITH-ENCOURAGEMENT Our show will take a look insdie these three important words that guide your life. What makes you have total faith. What... more

The Don S. McClure Show Life and our battle scars from experiences. They will become a part of what you have been through and how you cope with the rest of your life. Your path to what you want and your destiny can be determined by... more

The Don S. McClure Show Taking life for Granted, Don't waste time. Life is too short not to valuable what is good in your life. You can find joy in your life. Each day we start on a new part of our journey. Some of us waste the day with bad... more

The Don S. McClure Show- Living in the past and destroying your joy and your future. What a difference a day makes 24 little hours. These are the words written by a young woman who was born in 1884 and live a live of success and... more
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