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    Lost Arts Radio Show #2 - Special Guests Melissa Diane Smith & Barbara Peterson

    in Health

    GMO’s Exposed!

    Don’t Miss Lost Arts Radio show on Saturday 1/17/15

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    9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific

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    We have an incredible show lined up for you this coming Saturday on Lost Arts Radio. Learn the basics and facts you’re not supposed to know about GMO’s, the truth about banning and labeling, and what you can do to avoid their dangers.

    Special guest Melissa Diane Smith (www.melissadianesmith.com), author of Going Against GMO’s, internationally known journalist and holistic nutritionist, will go over the science of GMO’s and how they work, and her experience educating and helping clients recover from health conditions by removing GMO’s from their diets.

    Barbara Peterson, rancher, long time writer, activist for a GMO-free world, and creator of Farm Wars (www.farmwars.info), will review what is happening in the struggle to free humanity from the devastating health and environmental effects of GMO’s and how our everyday decisions can help in a big way.

    Lost Arts Radio invites you to join us for our free health-related educational broadcasts every week. We are not here just to complain, but to come together with positive solutions that can work for you. Join host Richard Sacks every week for fascinating discussions and useful information that you will not want to miss.

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #3 - Special Guests Dr. Christopher Busby & Gary Pylant

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    Radiation Issues: Outside the Box Perspectives

    Lost Arts Radio Show on Saturday 1/24/15

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    9PM EST / 6PM PST

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    This coming Saturday we bring you a show very different from most shows on the subject of radiation and nuclear issues. Two super guests bring their unique perspectives to share with us and the results are mind-expanding. One top level nuclear expert and one test pilot who was assigned to fly through mushroom clouds of nuclear explosions both spend time with us to share what they have learned.

    Dr. Christopher Busby (www.chris.busby.exposed), world renowned chemical physicist and nuclear expert who has been often interviewed on the details of the Fukushima disaster and other growing nuclear dangers in our world gives us an insight into his personal feelings on the world of science, the state of humanity and the need for a new kind of education in an interview recorded last week from his home in Latvia. This is a rare chance to sit in on an informal personal visit with Dr. Busby that you won’t want to miss.

    Captain Gary Pylant (www.INSKYTechnologies.com), nuclear test pilot came up with an outside the box solution to the nuclear contamination he got from his job as well as the chemical exposure he got as a pilot applying agricultural poisons as a crop duster from the air. His story is extraordinary, and is meant to inspire you and remind you that your immune system can protect you to an amazing extent from all kinds of environmental threats, if you know how to activate it. Join us for a one of a kind unscripted conversation with Captain Pylant. Hear about what led to his discoveries, how he applied them, and how you can use the same tools to successfully overcome health challenges in your own life.

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    Lost Arts Radio Show - Test 2

    in Health

    Lost Arts Radio Show - Test 2

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    Five Habits of Successful Performing Arts Ministers

    in Entertainment

    The Exploding Worship Arts Podcast is a daily show featuring Worship Arts Ministers from around the World! With more than 90,000 Listeners worldwide, we are now heard on iTunes, IHeartRadio, & Spreaker!

    I love the standards that Dave Ramsey teaches regarding finances and success. I also appreciate that his success principles are Biblically based.  He recently shared Tom Corley's list of 20 habits of the rich vs. the poor.  As we forge on to be successful in life, Christ, and our ministries, these same principles can be applied to us. I looked at the list and decided to revamp it and apply many of the principles to the Performing Arts Minister.   So here is my list of 5 things Every Successful Performing Arts Minister should do everyday!

    In today's podcast we explore:

    The Body as a Temple of God
    Importance of continuing Education
    Importance of being led by the Holy Spirit
    Importance of Supporting Others
    Implementing Good Spiritual Habits

  • Lost Arts Radio Show #1 - Special Guest Markus Rothkranz

    in Health

    Lost Arts Radio is proud to have as our first guest on our first-ever show, Markus Rothkranz!

    Markus Rothkranz is taking the world by storm, showing people how to heal themselves of almost any health condition, money condition and relationship issue. Our lives are short. The sooner we find our freedom and power, the sooner we can start helping the world with our purpose. This is true healing. Markus Rothkranz "Full Force".

    Some of the best food and most powerful medicine is growing right outside your door. What wild and house plants are edible? What health conditions have they been historically used for? Which ones make a great shampoo and soap? Which ones are used for hair loss, eyesight, wrinkles, sexual desire? What common weed tastes better than spinach and makes a great food source? Which plant is great for arguing couples? Markus has compiled a lifetime of research on true self sufficiencey and created the world's foremost handbook on edible plants, plus a 5-disc DVD set, and even made formulas from healing plants around the world that you can put into your smoothies and salads. "The Free Food & Medicine Worldwide Edible Plants Guide"


    Markus is our special guest for the entire 2-hour show beginning at 9pm EST / 6pm PST on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 only on BlogTalkRadio.com/lostartsradio

    Mark your calendars today!

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    Four things Worship Arts Ministers Need

    in Entertainment

    The Exploding Worship Arts Podcast is a daily show featuring Worship Arts Ministers from around the World! With more than 90,000 Listeners worldwide, we are now heard on iTunes, IHeartRadio, & Spreaker!

    Mark 16:15 has commissioned us to Go into all the World and preach the Gospel.  There are some places where ministries fall short when it comes to sharing who we are and what we do.

    In this episode I discuss the ESSENTIAL need for a:

    Professional Headshot/Picture
    Google Voice Number

    For the full list of resouces discussed during this discussion log onto: http://www.tamikahall.net/6/post/2014/03/44-four-things-every-worship-arts-minister-needs.html

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    Martial Arts Talk Show Presents Martial Arts Pioneers

    in Sports

    Martial Arts Talk Show Host Hanshi Daniel J. Vena will be talking about our martial arts pioneers tonight.

    We will be talking about all different styles and sensei that helped pave the way for all of us. Call in and help document your lineage and style.

    Our guest callers can call in at : 1-(929)-477-3210

    Join us in talking about your style and lineage, we are going to be mentioning the names and styles of some of our American Martial Arts Pioneers.

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    Christian Gill Preacher & Recording Arts at 16

    in Entertainment

    The Exploding Worship Arts Podcast is a daily show featuring Worship Arts Ministers from around the World! With more than 90,000 Listeners worldwide, we are now heard on iTunes, IHeartRadio, & Spreaker!

    Christian Gill age 16 is an 10th grade student at Mount Vernon High School. Singing since the age of 3 he aspires to be a professional gospel singer. Called to ministry at an early age, Christian continues to lift his voice and show the young people that it’s ok to sing about the Lord.

    On this Episode Christian Discusses:

    Accepting the Call to Preach
    Dealing with naysayers who only see his age
    How he was able to understand the call on his life
    Learning How to Trust God with Everything
    Co-Writing the song, "Witness"

    Get Christian's Single "Witness" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/witness-single/id796470108

    Christian Gill: www.christiangillmusic.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/ChristianGillMusic

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    Diahanna Stevens shares How to Tap into Your Healing through the Worship Arts

    in Entertainment

    Worshipper Diahanna Stevens is the Visionary and Founder of Alabaster Healing Ministries, she is under the covering of Apostle Gregory Simpson and Prophetess Carol Simpson of Kingdom of God Deliverance Ministries in Culpepper, VA . God has anointed her to empower, equip, train and impart biblical aspects to those who are called to minister in dance for the Kingdom.   

    In this Episode

    Alabaster Healing Ministries as a prophetic movement ministry
    The true meaning of Alabaster
    Overcoming brokenness to heal
    How to walk in your calling even when people are negative and say something to the contrary
    Overcoming Domestic Violence
    Being put in a psychiatric ward and put out for being "too crazy" :-)
    Contemplating suicidal and hearing the voice of God  say, "This is the last time you will try to take your life, because YOUR LIFE is MY LIFE."
    New book, My Alabaster Healing Journey: You Don't Know The Cost Of My Oil
    How worship arts ministers can tap into their healing through the Arts 

    For links log onto: http://www.tamikahall.net/6/post/2014/05/77-diahannastevens-shares-how-to-tap-into-your-healing-through-the-worship-arts.html

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    Isha Odom shares how Worship Arts Ministers can tap in Prophetically

    in Entertainment

    The Exploding Worship Arts Podcast is a daily show featuring Worship Arts Ministers from around the World! With more than 90,000 Listeners worldwide, we are now heard on iTunes, IHeartRadio, & Spreaker!

    In this episode Pastor Odom discusses:

    Isha Odom Ministries
    Co-Pastoring Agape Christian Worship Center
    Everyday strategy for balancing: Ministry, Marriage, Motherhood, & Business
    The power to gracefully say, "no" to things in order to work more efficiently
    Learning to accept the call to being a prophet
    Understanding that grace expands at different times and possibly even locations in our lives
    Prophetic Bootcamp: April 30-May 3, 2014
    The importance of being trained in our calling
    Importance of being able to accept training even in the secular world (i.e. in business, administration)
    How to come out of the walls the church and enter into the marketplace
    How to tap into the prophetic realm before we go before the people in the Worship Arts
    Importance of worshipping privately before ever going before the people
    How to tap into the prophetic realm in the worship arts

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    Marlita Hill Share the Impact Your Worship Arts Ministry Should Be Making

    in Entertainment

    Marlita Hill started dancing at age 15 with The Hush Company, a Los Angeles based dance ministry under the direction of Stacy and LaQuin Meadows, where she served for eight years as a dancer, choreographer, and eventually Assistant Director. Hill went on to earn her BFA degree in Dance Performance with K-12 Certification from Towson University in Towson, MD. In March 2008, she published her book, "Dancers! Assume the Position," which examines the WHAT, the WHY, and the IMPACT of the dancer's ministry.



    In this episode Marlita discusses:

    Her unique ministry of dance
    BOSS: Building On Spiritual Substance Christian grouP
    How she moved from not being interested in dance to God inspiring her to do so
    Taking 12 years to be accepted into a dance program
    Being accepted into a dance program right before she turned 30
    Overcoming naysayers who said she was too old to pursue dancing on a collegiate level
    Positioning herself in order to walk into the calling God placed on her life
    Her creative process for choreography
    How to bring The Word of God to life.
    Logos: the intention and reason why something is said
    Her book, "Dancers! Assume the Position: The What, the Why, and the Impact of the dancer's ministry"
    The impact that Worship Arts Ministry SHOULD be making


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