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DIY for Your Soul Podcast - How Important Is It?

  • Broadcast in Self Help
DIY for Your Soul Podcast

DIY for Your Soul Podcast


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Have you ever found yourself having had a hugely strong reaction to something, but when you look back on it in hindsight you wonder what the big deal was at the time, and why you reacted so strongly to it? Have you ever felt some emotion rise in you, much like lava in a volcano, you’re unable to stop it, and it erupts out of you even  when you know that it really shouldn’t?

There are times, for nearly every one of us, when we find ourselves in these types of situations, where we know we are overreacting, while we’re in it, or in hindsight, but we just couldn’t stop ourselves. We realized that it was all in our head, at least on an intellectual level, but emotionally, it was as real as anything could possibly be.

So how do we stop that mental and emotional whirlwind that causes us to react instead of acting?

In this podcast we learn to ask ourselves a question that consists of four little words. We ask ourselves, “How important is it?

We can ask ourselves this most important question in nearly every dilemma we face. Sometimes we will assess that the situation really is important and that we need to give it proper attention. More often than not, though, we will soon begin to see the ridiculous amount of time we waste on trivial matters.

We will also learn that by doing this on a regular basis, we are likely to find our lives will become much less stressful. And the more we become more proficient at it, the more we ask ourselves just four little words, the more we will be able to direct our energies where they might do us some actual good.