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DIY for Your Soul Podcast

DIY for Your Soul Podcast


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Each weekly podcast will draw from a variety of topics and concepts that aim to assist you in constructing a true sense of well being for yourself.

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We all have moments in our lives that we wish never happened. We've all been through situations that we would never want to go back and do again. And due to these difficult experiences, most of us likely have scars, physical and emotional,... more

In the podcast entitled, embracing diversity, we delved into the idea that it is our differences that ultimately make life more interesting and make us stronger in the long run. But when people behave in ways that don't fit our desires, or... more

There are many reasons we find ourselves wishing that things were different than what they are. One is that we tend to judge most things, especially in terms of good and bad. We want to experience only what we deem good and keep... more

We all have our own issues that we bring to the table. In many instances, our issues clash. Each of us is playing out our issues never thinking of what affect it has on those around us. We are too absorbed own personal mythology. In the... more

It is very common for humans to see themselves a victims of circumstance. We assume the reality we experience is the direct result of myriad outside forces. We often deny the part we each play in the world in which we live. But each and... more

Many of us try to mold other people into being who we want them to be, or expecting them to think and act as we see fit. In other words, we resort to control. Many of us will dispute the fact that we are exhibiting controlling tendencies.... more

The old saying says it's better to give than to receive. But giving isn't the opposite of receiving. It is part and parcel of it. In this podcast we learn that giving and receiving are all part of the same energy; two sides of the same coin. And we... more

Humans tend to fear things that are dissimilar, especially when we've never been exposed to these things. It is likely just part of human nature to gravitate towards those things in our comfort zones. This tendency to stick with what we know,... more

The question, ?Who am I?? is as old as mankind itself. From the time we are born, we begin the process of defining who we are. And as most of us have already discovered, the way we define ourselves is very much dependant on... more