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The Detectors on Beyond Corruption with Larry Hohol

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 The Detectors we will discuss the issue of nationwide Police and Court Corruption with Larry Hohol, a retired Pennsylvania trooper who have become victims of a corrupt law enforcement machine as well, and has helped others in their plight of dealing with a system wide corruption based on ties in to corporation and clouted officials. http://www.theluzernecountyrailroad.com/larrys-blog.php and look into the reality of the “Kids for Cash” programs which were shown within a federal investigation in Pennsylvia court were two Judges were charged. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snmxTDvO7Do There is a case currently of worse brutality than the Rodney King case, look at this video And it seems that this condition is now nationwide, within cover-ups and abuse from within the justice system. If you don’t play then you can be a victim of undercover clouted attacks by insiders in law enforcement. We will talk about the Drew Peterson case, police who are forced to sell drugs which they had taken in stops and arrest, and corruption and crimes in the courts. http://techetoday.com/bookmark/19945214-Inspector-General-Henderson-cops-used-ticket-quotas-to-rake-in-the-cash They are being paid by you and but they are now under investigation of creating false reports in order to get grants by fema homeland security and other agencies where citizens are chosen to make the quota.email D’Anne danne.burley@gmail.com  call her direct 1-630-841-7666

Retired Trooper Larry Hohol
Police Brutality
Judicial Corruption
Clouted Arrest
Violation of Oath of Office