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Learn a variety of skills to help you alleviate everyday stress and cultivate a rich, deep relationship with your inner self.

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Problems are great. We bond to other people by talking about problems. Clarissa and Jennifer are suggesting that there is no such thing as a problem. It's all in the way we think. Wanna get rid of problems? Check out the show!

Clarissa and Jennifer will be talking about boosting physical and mental health with essential oils. And, we'll be talking about super hygiene for teeth, moving beyond traditional toothpaste to maintaining dental health with a higher level of... more

Ever notice than some people do all the talking hoping to fill the relationship? If you're putting out too much effort and not getting much back, maybe it's time to look at the conversation from a whole new level. On the energetic level, maybe... more

If you're like many people, you focus on the events and things in your life. But today Clarissa and Jennifer will talk about space. The space between. Fine musicians and artists manage space beautifully. And the art of living also makes... more

In an era when it is common for people to be out of work for 18 months or more, where do we find ourselves on the thought and action of giving to others?. In the 50s people "tithed" or gave 10 percent of their income to others. But is... more

Underneath anger is sometimes another emotion such as joy. Today we'll talk about how to get underneath anger and other painful emotions, and how to uncover what's REALLY there. Jennifer and Clarissa have a good time on the... more

Limitations: We limit ourselves in oh, so many ways. In this show Clarissa and Jennifer will be talking about how deftly, easily, and quickly we limit ourselves. We limit thoughts and actions. We "dial ourselves down". Sometimes this is a good... more

Today we will be looking at the beliefs and habits we have that keep us from being happy.

What does scurvy, rickets, and schizophrenia have in common? Some people say they're caused by nutritional deficiencies. The public has always had contempt for treating disease with nutrition: historically calling the English sailors... more

Clarissa and Jennifer will be talking about living in trust, knowing that we will be taken care of, and how to manifest needs and desires without all the effort. Both of us are learning and experiencing how to live life in the moment, and are... more