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More Ranting Zombies At Nasa

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 Never A Sensor Aboard  -
Nasa has Once Again Failed to Find Life on Mars, Even when It walked in front of the Rover.

Viking I
Viking II
Phoenix Lander.... all three Replacements
Spirit ROVER
Opportunity  ROVER
Curiosity ROVER
All failed to see above  8 millibar.



I Walked on Mars. I did Not Wear a Space Suit. 
 The Atmosphere is  Really more like 800 millibar.
And Feels like about 12,000 ft  Altitude
 with a 14,000 ft Altitude Oxygen Level

The Physics of Fact  -   Nasa has Stated and Maintained for 35+ years that  thePlanet Mars is  
"8 millibar on the surface"
 Earth is 1000 + millibar  
1000 millibar = 1 Bar = 1 Earth Atmosphere at sea level = ~ 14.7 psi.

A Parachute the Size of the United States would not slow that Lander Down.
 You have been LIED TOO BY NASA... and the United States Government.