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JOYFUL ART OF BUSINESS:The “Client Experience” Employee: Transform your career-2

  • Broadcast in Business
Courtney Elizabeth Anderson

Courtney Elizabeth Anderson


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This episode is part of our JOYFUL ART OF BUSINESS™ series and we are exploring the specific issue of, “The “Client Experience” Employee: How it transforms careers!” (Part 2 of 2)

The most common frustrations and complaints that employees share with me in regards to their employers relate to differing expectations of each party. With a loved one (especially with a spouse/ partner), we expect to have our feelings, desires and preferences acknowledged and taken into consideration. We expect attention, caring, consideration, time, deference to our needs and desires, open communication and more from them. This show explores the idea that we should not expect that from an employer.

The “Client Experience” Employee is one that treats the employer as a client. They accept that the client pays for their time and input but they may ignore everything that they advise. They understand that a client has the total option to run their lives as they choose.

An attorney advises their client, “Don’t do this!” The client does not follow their advice and suffers bad outcomes in court as a result. A physician advises their client (patient) to stop smoking. They don’t and they suffer from a poor medical outcome. A retail store clerk advises a client (customer) not to purchase an ill-fitting garment, they buy it anyway (claiming they will “lose weight and it will fit later”) and the garment splits in public and they are embarrassed. Who is responsible in these situations? The client/ customer/ patient is. It is their life and they will do what they want to (even if it is stupid and harms them). That is their choice.

Treating your employer as a client changes the entire relationship. It is their organization and they will do what they want with it (that is their prerogative). Transform your career by adapting this perspective with your employer!