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Discussion: The Talmud Teaches Jews to Hate And Kill Non-Jews

  • Broadcast in Politics
Patricia Gillespie McAllister

Patricia Gillespie McAllister


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The Talmud teaches Jews to think of Gentiles, or non-Jews, as inferior to Jews. The non-Jews that the Jews like are the people who do what the Jews tell them to do, and the people who don’t complain about the evil deeds of the Jews.

Now remember, these are the same Jews that we talked about earlier, who wrote their so-called “holy book”, the Talmud. Jews wrote that it is okay to rape and have anal sex with 3-year old baby girls, and that it is okay to rape little boys in the anus. Jews also teach among Jews that it is okay for boys to have sex with their mothers. Judaism is a sick, perverted religion.

It's amazing how the Jews in Congress are trying to take the guns and other weapons from the majority of the American people, Jews only make up "maybe" 2% of the American population.

This is what the Bolshevik Communist Jews did in Russia in 1917. Under the dictatorship of the Jew Joseph Stalin, the Bolshevik Communist Jews overthrew the Christian Russian government and killed at least 100 Million Christian Russians and others. 10-20 million Christian Russians were also starved to death.

"In Rome, Italy, in 2000, Italian police broke up a ring of eleven top Jewish gangsters. 

"It was discovered that they had been kidnapping Gentile (non-Jewish) children between the ages of two and five from orphanages, raping them, and then murdering the children. 

"These despicable crimes were recorded live on film and sold throughout the infamous global "snuff film" industry. 

"Over 1,700 customers had paid as much as $20,000 per film to view little children being raped and murdered. 


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