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Welcome to the Chix Talk Radio Network! Our goal is to provide fun, informative, "real"atable talk radio for all you lovely people! Think of us as an electronic carb free brownie for your soul. Check out our shows to catch up on the latest in: Pop Culture, Entertainment, Personal Development, Health, Parenting, and All the Stuff In Between.

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In this episode of Eat to Live Happy, learn why you should ditch the diets and New Year's resolutions and learn how you can achieve true wellness for 2014. Health coach and nutionista, Tania Centola helps explains why dieting sucks but... more

Join us for the 2014 kick off show as host Jenni Lewis-Ford chats it up with the fabulous Miss Janaya Haney – first time author and business woman who was inspired by the rags-to-riches and back story of her parents! With her... more

Did you know the average person can gain 3 – 5 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years? This holiday season let's agree to be healthy and fight back against winter weight gain. In this episode, Jenni Lewis Ford is joined... more

2chix1mic host Jenni Lewis-Ford is once again joined by the delightful Liz Simons, stand-up comedian, TV addict, and writer for In this episode, these 2chix chat about recent happenings in TV, including the 2013 American... more

2chix1mic host Jenni Lewis-Ford is joined by Liz Simons, stand up comedian, tv addict, and writer for Tonight, 2chix chat about what fall TV shows are hot and not, who wins thier pick for celebrity hot mess of the week,... more

2chix1mic host Jenni Lewis-Ford chats with Kathleen Smith, creator of the new website MorphMom is a cool new resource dedicated to inspiring mothers to continue to pursue their passions. As an added benefit,... more

Did you know that some foods can alter brain chemistry to boost your mood? This week 2chix, will be joined by health coach and nutritionista Tania Centola; who will give insights on what we can eat to stay blissful all day long... more

Researchers found almost three quarters of new moms lost touch with several pals from their pre-baby life, with the average mother saying goodbye to three old friendships altogether. In this episode: 2chix will discuss the impact of a new... more

Everyday Advice for the Extraordinary Woman This week on 2chix: JenniFDB and Michele Foster chat with Jo Ann Darby, author of The Girlfriend Book and wildly popular blog of the same name. The Girlfriend book is a fun read filled... more
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