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Your BODY - Your Most Cherished Possession

  • Broadcast in Entrepreneur
Charles Bordner

Charles Bordner


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Heavenly Paradise
Charles Bordner teaches that our PHYSICAL BODIES are the most precious possessions we have. To explain why, Charles reviews what happens from the moment we breathe our last until we are born again in our next life. Although our physical bodies cease, our thoughts, feelings, wishes, hopes, dreams, plans for the future, and spiritual aspirations all continue. During the first 72 hours, no one should touch the body – no cutting, no drugging, and no autopsy – just complete rest. The reason is that we are still ATTACHED to our bodies because we are “uploading” all data from this earth life into our Higher Selves. Molesting the body interrupts this uploading process. It also forces the deceased to FEEL the pain of cutting or burning. Then the SILVER CORD snaps and we can never return to our bodies. PURGATORY lasts for approx. 1/3 the length of our earth life. We feel the pain we caused others, opportunities lost, how we used or abused our emotions. Some experience Dante’s Inferno, others experience Paradise, depending on how we lived our lives. Then we levitate up to the 2nd Heaven, in which we learn how our thoughts resulted in good or evil in our lives & the lives of others. The 3rd Heaven is floating in a sea of unimaginable light and love. But then we miss the action of earth life and return. ONLY in the physical world can we “test” our thoughts and feelings & see how they play out in the Physical. Rather than running away from the School of Life and its problems, we should embrace and love them. Only by loving your enemies, problems and diseases, can you transform them into your friends, your prosperity and your health. -------------- Dec. 21, 2012 - Countdown To World Transformation, Carlsbad, CA. It'll absolutely ROCK your world.