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    Cincinnati Business Talk #217 Michael McCormick - Tax Planning & Finance

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    Cincinnati Business Talk has as our guest Michael McCormick, CPA.  Mike will share some of his best ideas on tax planning and financial planning.

    Mike will also share a new bookkeeping service.

    The show aired live on Friday December 19th, 2014 at 4 PM.

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    2015 Business Planning Call part 2

    in Real Estate

    Evan will be discussing how to create a 2015 Business Plan.  This is the second call of a 3 part series.  

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    2015 Business Planning Call part 3

    in Real Estate

    Evan will wrap up his 3 part 2015 business planning for real estate agent series.  

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    Business Hippies Discussion On Planning The Success of Your Business of Passion

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    Join professional musician Earl and professional artist Hannah in a conversation based on their up coming book "Business Hippies Guide to Survival in the Modern World"... Planning the Success of your Business of Passion.

    All businesses and people must plan for their success. It really doesnt matter what type of business you own or what your personal goals in life may be, you will not likely get there with out a plan. This is going to be a informationally jam packed half hour where we will discuss how to start planning successes rather than overting challenges. Those of us who own a business of passion where we are our brands are most in need of having a strong plan. We can not stumble into success with out it. It really doesnt matter how great your art is, how cool your songs are, how great you do nails or cut hair or make cup cakes if the world recieving your service is not part of your active plan. How do we reach our audiences? How do we become  visible to our markets? How do we determine what market we should be projecting to? How much of our profit do we reinvest? How much does social media help? Should I pay some one to help? 

    There are so many questions when we start planning our success. Join us and learn how we are working daily to ensure the health of our businesses and our futures and learn some of our missteps too! This discussion is not just for those of you who are business owners, there is a lot of practical advise for everyday living in this segment as well. Plan your success, plan your life! So join in, call in or chat in!

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    I Sold My Business and Planning Paid Off - Mike Fischer

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    Steve Beatty interviews Mike Fischer, who sold his business after 16 years, and he recounts how the pre-planing he did paid off handsomely.

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    Business Strategic Planning Toolkit

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    Every business must conduct strategic planning to be successful in business. Today we will discuss some of the tools that you can use in your small business to position yourself for more business now and long term.
    Part of a series by Melody Campbell, founder of the Northwest School of Business.

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    Growing A Business; Smart Websites; Planning, Training Tips

    in Business

    Dave Cascino on “shouting” a small business through ThunderClap,
    Tom Robbins on smart websites, ecommerce.
    Amos Winbush III, has launched AW3 Media to foster entrepreneurial opportunities; asks for video subjects.
    Markus Schwarz,, Senior Vice President of Global SAP Education on why companies need to change their training models by better defining business strategies and focusing on
    Thomas Duncan, CEO of Trusted Health Plan Inc. on preparing, executing a great business plan.

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    Organized For Growth-Business Planning 101

    in Self Help

    Do feel like the mouse in the maze when it comes to growing your business not knowing which way to go?  Do you need to hire people but the thought is overwhelming?  Join me and my guest Christine Lewis Varley ( Coach Christine) as she shares techniques to help your small business move to the next level.

    What started as a passion for helping people transform their dreams into reality, has taken Christine into the boardrooms of top Fortune 500 companies as a coach to executives and, under her not-for-profit, into homeless shelters in Harlem to help women reclaim their place in society after suffering the atrocities of domestic violence.

    For more than twenty years she has served as a consultant, coach and advisor to thousands of men and women both in their professional and personal lives. An expert on the psychology of leadership, communication, sales, customer relations and 'outstanding' personal performance, Christine is a dynamic speaker and trainer and valued coach, mentor and guide.

    This podcast’s sponsor is Audible.com a leading provider of audio entertainment and information.  Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30 day free trial at www.audibletrial.com/getorganized

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    #Business Exit Planning The Right Way: Heath Frantzen and Mark Torok

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    If you are a #businessowner over 55 and you needed to sell or simply WANTED to leave your business, what would you do?

    Would you let one of your heirs take over, or an employee or competitor?   If you decided to sell, how would you go about finding an ideal buyer who will give you the best price for your business and retain the integrity of the company you have worled so hard to build?

    87% of all business owners in America who want to sell and retire find they cannot do so.   A glut of baby boomer business owners who want to sell, coupled with a much smaller pool of buyers and a weak, capricious economy make it difficult to leave a business in a timely manner.

    Many baby boomer owners have built their retirement hopes and dreams on their assumed ability to sell their successful business.  However, they face an unphill battle for which the only hope of success lies in strategic planning.

    In this episode, Teresa talks to business acquisition expert Heath Frantzen (deltabusinessservices.com) and his associate, attorney Mark Torok, about the challeges of selling a business in today's economy and the steps owners MUST take in order to ensure success.



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    Strategic Planning for your Small Business

    in Entrepreneur

    Today on What Keeps You Up At Night, host Brendan Major is joined by Ann Connor of AdviCoach to discuss the importance of things like strategic planning, smart goals and financial planning in your small business. Ann will be discussing why planning is the most important activity a business owner can do, and how you can do it most effectively. She’ll also talk about the importance of creating achievable goals for your business. Lastly, we'll dive into the financial side of owning a business, everything from balancing a budget, to cash flow and more!

    About Our Guest

    You can learn a lot about Ann Connor from her numbers.  One example, in a down housing market, she helped a home inspector’s sales improve 25 percent and an architect’s sales soar 87 percent.  “One of the smartest decisions I’ve made as a new business owner was to work with business coach Ann Connor,” one client glowed.  She’s helped more than 100 small business owners and non-profit organizations identify their goals, steer them around a multitude of obstacles, and tackle their long-term challenges with a series of manageable steps. 

    Before running her own businesses, Ann learned from others, through management positions with Sam’s Club and C&S Wholesale Grocers.  Her industry expertise includes strategic planning, profit and loss management, inventory control, product marketing and product development.   Ann became certified as an AdviCoach in 2008 because it is the premier source for business coaching and advisory services customized for small to mid-size businesses. 

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    Inspired Planning Actions for your Solopreneur Business with Lori Lynn Smith

    in Women

    Full Show Notes: http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/holistic-solopreneur/pdr-38/

    Show Topic: Inspired Planning Actions  for your Solopreneur Business with Lori Lynn Smith

    Did you accomplish what you wanted to last year?

    Did you feel you moving aimlessly from task to task?  

    According to the Small Business Development Center, lack of planning is one of the top three reasons businesses fail. Without a plan, it is easy to see every task as equally important.


    About Lori Lynn:

    Lori Lynn Smith is a passionate and an authentic teacher who shares her real life experiences with genuine integrity. Leading by example, living life on my own terms! Lori is the Founder of Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center Inc. Sacred Earth Partners Training and Retreat Center, Eco-Spiritual Company, is dedicated to bringing programs, courses and products designed to support a holistic lifestyle and business that nourishes the body, mind and spirit. www.sacredearthpartners.com

    Show Notes:

    Hashtag: #PassionDivaRadio

    Call in Number: (347) 637-3175

    If you want an easy way to show you love and appreciation for the show, you can check out http://www.sacredearthpartners.com/Love



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