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    Strategic Planning

    in Management

    Topics discussed include: Introduction to strategic planning. Retail closings in the US, February, 2014 hirning statistics and a Nevada gambler suing a casino for his losing $500,000 while drunk.

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    Long Range Strategic Planning for Black African People

    in Politics Progressive

    On this episode we will start off by reflecting on Attorney Alton Maddox lecture of Critical Thinking and how we our to think, strategize and plan for the future of our people's economic, social, and political realities as well as our infrastructurem beit physical or social.   For the fourth installment of Comprehensive Planning we will delve into the non-regulatory approaches of managing growth to pick up where we left off from last time. We will have many excerpts and the lines will be open for consensus building.  If you miss the show family, don't worry we got you covered, just catch the playback and be sure to listen to all the brothers and sisters from the BAIO as we give you Land, infrastructure, and Nationhood every day of the week with practical solutions, planning, and honest critiques of our community.

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    How Strategic Planning & Execution Impact the Value of a Business

    in Business

    Seasoned business advisors Jeff Blanton, Jim Eaton and Richard Munro share their insights, experiences and stories from the trenches on how Strategic Planning & Execution impact the value of a business. They discuss why business planning and execution is important to optimizing valuation (and where you should start), the key reasons why businesses don’t execute strategically and the potential impacts on valuation and transaction success for business owners, and how to recognize the common business symptoms and warning signs that lead to sub-optimal performance and valuation.      

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    Planning a Lifestyle

    in Self Help

    Planning your lifestyle is more important than you know.  It is about more than planning to acquire things, although that is a fun part of it mapping out your plan.  Pat Council shares the true purpose of taking the time to plan your lifestyle.  Find out very specific reasons for paying attention to your own personal success and realize some things about your planning process that will help stay inspired to achieve.  Are you settling?  Are you holding back?  Find out what you can do to see what is really happening with your journey to having the lifestyle you want and deserve.  Start creating dynamic energy and find out 2 wealth secrets that may change the way you think about planning.

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    Financial Planning

    in Religion

    Special guest speaker Damon "Amin" Meadows will be speaking with us regarding financial planning.

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    #SuccessHackers Interviews Psychic Mel Doerr on Intuitive Strategic Planning

    in Business

    Ever wondered if you could be more intuitive in your business and your life?

    In this #SuccessHackers episode you’ll learn how to trust your intuition.

    We interview Mel Doerr, a decorated psychic who works with people and businesses to attune them to the possibilities that intuitive strategic planning provides. He has a special interest in Hawaiian Shamanism, which he has studied and practiced for many years. Mel received a papal blessing from Pope John Paul II and a letter of appreciation from President Clinton for his work with governmental agencies. For more information about how to work with Mel, visit http://MelDoerr.com.

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    Barb Rozgonyi [@wiredPRworks], CEO of CoryWest Media and publisher of wiredPRwork.com and Jeff Willinger [@JWillie], Director of Collaboration, Social Business and Intranets at Rightpoint, 

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    Nonprofit Coach: Nonprofit Strategic Planning with Linda Lysakowski & Lynn Dean

    in Business

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    He lectures around the world but now is here for you. From the latest in charity news, technology, fundraising and social networking, Ted Hart and his guests help you maneuver to greater levels of efficiency and fundraising success.  PAGE 2 GUEST EXPERT: Linda Lysakowski & Lynn Dean will share success tips for building a strong future for your nonprofit organization by developing a well designed nonprofit strategic plan. Linda Lysakowski, ACFRE is President; Linda Lysakowski, LLC Linda is one of just over one hundred professionals worldwide to hold the Advanced Certified Fund Raising Executive designation. In her thirty years in the development field, she has managed capital campaigns; helped dozens of nonprofit organizations achieve their development goals, and has trained more than 27,000 professionals in Mexico, Canada, Egypt, Bermuda, and most of the fifty United States. Lynne T. Dean, CFRE currently serves as Director of Institutional Advancement at Northwest Vista College, one of the Alamo Colleges in San Antonio, Texas. At NVC, she has led teams in two award-winning initiatives, an alumni project entitled Celebrate Vista, and the 2013 employee giving campaign, NVC Cares, I Care. She is immediate past president of the Planned Giving Council San Antonio Chapter of the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning

  • Strategic Planning and Marketing with Kevin Muhammad (IE) Plus Urban Gardening

    in Food

    Welcome to the Buying Club Program! Your host Carlton Muhammad invited a guest host to sit in for him this evening, we know him as Bro. Kevin Muhammad of the Inland Empire! and his guest is Bro. Jose. So, join us this evening with many others to learn about the importance of Strategic Planning and Marketing. Urban Gardening is discussed with Bro. Jose!

    The show begins at 8:00pm eastern time, you are invited into the studio at 1-347-945-5454.We look forward to hearing your comments and questions. The chat room will be opened when the show starts. Thanks very much to all our supporters that provide us with donations and services! To contact us send email to intisar@noimoa.com

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    How to write a Business Plan Proposal!

    in Entrepreneur

    When writing a business plan proposal, It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting up or if you’ve been in business for decades, as a business owner you should have a road map for your business in the form of a business plan.

    In this episode we will discuss: 

    Why Business Planning is important
    How to prepare a proposal
    Components of a Proposal

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    LaCatering and Events Planning

    in Legal

    In our next segment I would like to reintroduce our guest once again from the Island of Antigua. She is known for her creativity in cooking delicious meals and Event Planning for any occasion, from Simple to Sophisticated! Her love for Entertaining adds a special flare to everything she does! Please Welcome  Catering and Event Planning Entrepreneur Dawn Cochrane Kirton.   I provide a variety of menus for Clients but I also customize menus for them. I also have a number of payment plans depending on the services that are provided. We accept all major credit cards. I can travel nationally and internationally to meet with Clients to set up their special Events. We now have available a digital online magazine that showcases all of my businesses combined. We can email you the link as per your request. My Web-Site is www.Facebook.com/ lacarib. You can also call 1-888-221-13441-888-221-1344 FREE. For menus I can email to clients as per their requests, and also provide references upon requests. I see future growth in the industry as goods and services are in demand. I will adjust to the trends as needed to provide quality products and services for La Carib Catering and Event Planning. We plan to go Global in the future! My Fb page is www.facebook.com/lacarib. And my phone number is 1-888-221-13441-888-221-1344 FREE. By email it is kirton697@gmail.com. Yes, if you have the desire for culinary pampering and would like to Impress your guests with a professional flare, please give us a call, email or go to our fb page. Our number is 1-888-221-13441-888-221-1344 FREE. Email is kirton697@Gmail .com, or go to our fb page at www.facebook.com/lacarib Carib. Thank you!