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The Bully Effect

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The Bully Effect0

The Bully Effect0


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My name is Lucky I am 23 years old I am a model an actress and an author. I write poetry and fantasy novels I've been writing poetry since I was very very young have been through a lot in life just like everyone else has. I was bullied a lot growing up people would stop me just to jump me and I really didn't have many friends because of it but the ones I did have helped me a lot my family as well. It is hard to live when it feels like everyone hates you and my baby sister was always bullied as well and sadly still is that's why I write my poetry not just to inspire people but to let them know that they are not alone and no matter how down they feel there are soo many more people out there thinking the same things and feeling the same way but I mainly try to focus on helping people to understand that they are not alone in this big ol' world so many of my friends and family have been bullied so much including myself. I have friends who are suicidal and turn to drugs to numb the pain its just really sad I have helped many people in my life to realize that they are soo much more then people lead them to believe. So my main thing is you are not alone and I want people to know this and that is why I became a model and why I write my books because you don't have to be made of plastic or rich to become something more than what you can even imagine you just need to ignore the ones that hurt you and shoot for the stars and not stop till you get there. I want people to know that they are beautiful no matter what and they are perfect just the way they are doesn't matter what you look like or even who you love and that is why I do everything that I do.

Hosted By Penny Jean

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