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    SuperDyslalia- Defender of the Bullied and The Wonder Woman of Words

    in Family

    Ever hear of a champion for people with dyslexia? -a defender of the bullied

    Today we have the honor of speaking with Carolina Concha, the creator of Super Dyslalia, a superhero that  speaks up for people with learning disabilities. 

    To find out more and participate go to



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    Jon Jones will show you, Cyborg bullied, lawsuit against UFC continues

    in MMA

    Jon Jones says he will show you how great he is, on this episode we will discuss why Jones should just keep his mouth shut until it is time for him to announce a fight. Cyborg says she is being bullied by Ronda Rousey and Dana White, is that the right way to get a fight? The class-action lawsuit against the UFC just won't go away and current WSOF fighter Jon Fitch says they would consider suing the UFC twice if they do not change their ways.

    All this and more on this episode of The Majority Decision.  

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    Is your child being bullied

    in Art

    Is your child coming home crying??

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    Journalist,author/ Mike Volpe: Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney 's Story

    in Current Events

    Hosted by Marti Oakley & Debbie Dahmer

    Guest:  Journailst and author Mike Volpe joins us to discuss his new book, Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney's Kafkaesque Divorce  

    Available from Amazon

    On December 29, 2013, Chris Mackney sat alone in his parked car, put a shot gun underneath his chin and blew his head off. It was the tragic end to a near six year custody battle which saw him penniless, homeless, jobless, with no access to his children, and taunted and threatened with jail: all at the behest of his ex-wife and her father. This all started when Mackney discovered that his father-in-law was a murderer and the man who got away with one murder engineered a suicide to hide it. "Murder by suicide" Mackney called it. The legal bullying didn't stop with his suicide. His ex-wife followed him into the grave and attempted to copyright his suicide note. When that blew up, Mackney became a martyr and symbol for all that's wrong with family courts. His suicide note has been read by millions, but now the whole unbelievable story is told.

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    ADULTS GET BULLIED TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Bully or Bullied?

    in Psychology

    What is bullying and why do bullies bully?
    Aggressive or dominating behavior is often displayed by teenagers and can continue over a lifetime in abusive relationships. Such a primitive psychological defense mechanism finds roots in an attempt to control disturbing feelings.

    Many times a bully is seeking power, especially if they did not receive a sense of security or empowerment at home. When parents or caregivers attempt control children by creating fear or shame, perhaps the smaller, more scared children or those with deeper emotional insecurities become victims, while others will hide behind their discomforts by showing abusing behaviors and exploiting other kids’ insecurities.

    Join Dr. Sadigh and his special guest Sandra Dupont, LMFT to find out how the bully and the bullied respond in relationship with self and others. Learn what needs must be met in order to prevent bullying. Sandra specializes in supporting teens and their parents in understanding and addressing the issues teens face today.

    Sandra Dupont has advanced training in adolescent psychology & mental development, Family Systems, Child Advocacy, Respectful Parent Training, Working Effectively with Burned-Out Parents, as well as nine years experience as a practicing counselor for families with teens.
    Sandra is the author of “What Would Your Teen Life Coach Say? A Survival Guide for Girls Entering High School” that presents fictional teens with real-life situations like learning how to deal with physical changes, mood swings,  mean girls, defining boundaries and more...  She is also co-editor of a magazine called Revitalize, Inspire and Perform, directed towards at risk youth. She writes a column for the Huffington Post on raising teenagers in LA, and her books are available for purchase on Amazon.com

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    Denver proves to be Cam Newton's Kryptonite as Broncos claim Lombardi Trophy

    in Sports

    The most valuable person of Super Bowl 50 may have been Wade Phillips. The Denver Broncos entered Super Bowl 50 with the number ranked unit in the NFL. The Carolina Panthers had scored 80 points in their two playoff games and had the leagues MVP running the offense. Phillips devised an aggressive game plan the pressured Newton and forced four Panther turnovers. Two Newton fumbles led to both Bronco touchdowns. 

    Peyton Manning came out of the gates looking like the Manning of old, leading the Broncos to an opening drive field goal. Manning completed four of six passes for 47 yards on the 10 play drive. After trading punts, the Panthers started their second drive at their own 15. On thrid down Von Miller broke the edge and instead of crushing Newton he stripped the ball. The ball was recovered in the end zone by Malik Jackson and the Broncos took a 10-0 lead. Prior to the touchdown, Newton found Jerricho Cotchery over the middle but the play was ruled incomplete after replay upheld the call.

    Early in the second quarter James Stewart vaulted into the end zone from one yard out that made the score 10-7. Jordan Norwood broke a Super Bowl record with a 61-yard punt return that gave the Broncos a first down at the Carolina 14-yard line. The Panthers defense stood tall and held the Broncos to a field goal, which made the score 13-7. 

    Both teams added a field goal in the second half. With 4:51 remaining and the score 16-10, the Panthers took over on their own 24-yard line. Once again, Von Miller broke the edge and got his hand on the ball as Newton was cocked back and ready to throw. T.J. Ward recoverd the fumble and set the Broncos up at the Panthers 4-yard line. Josh Norman was called for holding on an incomplete third-down pass that gave the Broncos a first down at the 2-yard line. C.J Anderson bullied his way to the goal line and gave the Broncos a 22-10 lead. The ensuing two-point conversion was good.

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    Wellness Blueprint Radio

    in Self Help

    Join Dr. Maiysha and Coach Elliott this Friday with their guest Jill Vanderwood! This week we are talking all about bullying and is sure to be an informative show! See you Friday morning at 9a (ET)!


    About our guest: Jill Vanderwood is a mother and grandmother. She is the author of eight books. Her books have won numerous awards, including USA Best Books Award, Indie Excellence Awards and the National Mom’s Choice Award. She wrote her latest book, Erase the Problem of Bullying because her granddaughter was being bullied.  She understood the problem of bullying because she was also bullied while she was growing up.

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    BULLIED- Is this term overused?

    in Lifestyle

    The terms "bully" & "bullying" seem to be the new buzz word these days; and everywhere you look a kid at school, woman on a reality show or even professional football player is claiming to be victims of bullying.  This week on Playing Devil's Advocate™ with Ms. KiKi, the crew will discuss things like:  

    What is Bullying?
    Is the term being overused?
    Can an adult actually be bullied?
    How/Why does someone become a bully?
    What makes a person a target for a bully?...and a whole lot more!!!


    And if that's not enough we have our Producer's "Drink of the Week", and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in our interactive chat room or LIVE on-air Wed night!


    Playing Devil’s Advocate™

    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!!

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    BULLYING & FITTING IN on "Relationships & You" with SPECIAL GUEST Devonia Reed

    in Youth


    A Percentage of our youth are committing Suicide because of being BULLIED.....because of wanting to FIT IN....so BADLY...and when they don't??  They crumb under the pressure.

    Robin Manley...Radio Talk Show Host for "Relationships and You" and her FEATURED GUEST--Educator/Author of "Fitting In Isn't Easy"/Motivational Speaker Devonia Reed" will lead the discussion!!


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    in Entertainment

    Donny O'Malley I was born accidentally in Queens, New York to Irish and Colombian Catholic immigrants. My strict Roman Catholic-altar-boy upbringing set me up for an unconventional life of deviance, discipline, sex, violence, parties, adventure, and service to others.
    It’s a weird combo, I know. After many years spent as a shy, timid, insecure, easily-bullied, nerd; I grew into the narcissistic, outgoing, overconfident, revengeful, violent, egotistical, lovable nerd that I am today. On paper, my life looks like an actors career, so with that notion I’ll summarize the phases of my life with short character bios. Catholic altar boy in New York city.Nerdy, horny, goofy kid in North Carolina.
    -Nerdy, horny, goofy kid in San Diego.
    Manager of Event Security for fraternities and sororities, who treated the job like a joke, and frequently got so drunk he had to be carried out by his team from the events he was managing.Male Stripper for bachelorette and birthday parties. (Owner/manager)Personal Trainer. (Great job, great clients)
    Marathoner,IronMan, and Xterra triathlete (Usually in last place)Event Planner (That’s me being humble. I rented out large venues and threw epic, raging parties for my friends that are still talked about)Marine Infantry Officer for almost 6 years, deployed to Asia and Afghanistan, awarded in combat with “V.”(That award was a total fluke)Medically Retired Marine Captain.

    Samantha Brown Samantha refuses to take herself too seriously and likes to think she has a quick wit. She joined Irreverent Warriors with the goal of using her experience in politics and fundraising to further the goals of IW and give back to our nations veterans. Samantha likes to spend as much time as possible with friends and family, she likes it even better when they live somewhere awesome, any excuse to go on a trip!