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TMDS - Talk, We're Discussing Discussions the NON-TBI Way...

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Brain Injury Radio

Brain Injury Radio


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There are ways of BI recovery and other-ways of just recovering.  Jen and I give examples of both professional and situational both each.  We make a solid team, and I hired her because she's kind (TMDS could of used a touch of that) and because her experiences are shared alike - open and honest.  Professional or Family guidance, you will heal.  It's a given.  

 It's called unaware - as in "my family is aware of TBI, let alone what to do?"  Or professionally named "unguarded self-recovery."  In Milton-speak: Like a hardened scab on the worker's labored arm - they just keep picking at it, every day after work.  Never bandaged in the morning and always a bit "leaky".  The open cut will remain, you'll brag about it being a 'sign of work' yet for months the wound will stay.  Many will notice, some eventually "get used to it" and move along,  knowing it will heal (to some degree).  

Same with the brain - hurt it and it takes more than humor or window dressings or just showing up for therapy.  It takes effort then courage and the ability to place one's life in another, and another, and another's.  But, as a lost mind that went literally back to ground zero, the Mom & Pop remedies are outdated, and slow and frustrating to all.  In fact, you may find yourself in search of a Factory Outlet Store.  

Kinda like doing something 100 times and expecting different results is crazy? Those folks never had kids, and certainly never worked on brain injury improvement.  Now who's "nuts"..  (424)  243-9540.  10:15 the phone lines will be open, or Jen and I will talk.  Thinking Eagles may be the feature group, or a fill in for your requests.  Tell me, text me,  PM me with your songs.