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    Introduction to the 5 Components of Courage

    in Motivation

    Laura Christine, Courage Coach and inspirational teacher, shares powerful ingredients for creating a life you love while dropping your struggles. 

    Join her for this 30 minute show to learn how you can begin to master the art of courageous living right NOW.  Come prepared with one question for Laura Christine.  Get a boost of courage to follow (and follow through on) your dreams to make the world a better place through Healing, Art or Visionary Entrepreneurship. 

    Learn more and download Laura Christine's Quick Guide to Courage at www.laurachristinewavesofhealing.com.

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    Be "Better Off Well" with the Courage to Choose Health

    in Self Help

    Kat talks with Donna Morin, M.Ed, CHHC nutrition wizard and founder of Better Off Well about her own personal health journey. Donna is a passionate advocate for healthy eating and lifestyle.  We will also discuss why making healthy choices can seem like an act of courage in our society at a personal, local and global level.  

    Got a question? Donna and I would love to hear from you.  Call in live and Donna can share her expertise with you.

    Donna Morin knows what it’s like to not feel well. Having lived through severe asthma attacks, seasonal and food allergies, cervical cancer, weight gain, and debilitating back pain, she understands how illness can affect moods, relationships, and work performance. But what Donna has learned, through years of research and her own personal health journey, is that we have control over our health. Illness is not the mystery we are led to believe it is, and science is proving that genetic expression is largely influenced by our lifestyle habits.

    Donna Morin is an AADP-certified health coach and founder of Better Off Well. As a mother and former elementary teacher, she understands the demands placed on parents that often make it difficult to feed a family within time and budget constraints. As a writer, she shares information about relevant wellness topics through her monthly published wellness column, various parenting publications, and her own website http://betteroffwell.com .

    Looking to Awaken your own Courage?  Learn more www.katmoulton.com .

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    The Courage to Trust

    in Self Help

    When we refuse to trust, we get exactly what we expect from life.  In today's episode, Pat Council will share some ideas on learning how to trust in life and the importance of trusting others.   Learn how to open up your life and to release your most powerful self and start living your most powerful life.  It is time to take control of your destiny and not allow others to control it for you.  When you use your courage and release your trust you will find an amazing feeling of freedom.  Listen in and learn.


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    Courage and Fear

    in Business

    There are hundreds of books that profile the characteristics of some of the world’s legitimately great leaders. One of the most common themes is not the fact that they did not experience fear but instead had the courage to persevere through the scariest and risk laden times. Join Daniel and Johnnie as they explore why some of us are wired to “give up” while others will fight to the death to achieve their dreams.

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    Mary, From Comfort to Courage

    in Women

    Mary, the mother of Jesus moving from comfort to courage.  Luke 1:26-38

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Marianne C. Bohr

    in Writing

    “Bohr shines…provid[ing] glimpses of herself as a whole person, not simply a traveler. Gap Year Girl is an excellent choice…a travelogue filled with historic places, but its personal stories provide its highlights.”
    — Kirkus Reviews


    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courageous Story, we'll talk about the courageous mindset it took for Marianne C. Bohr, to step outside of her comfort zone and travel the world. We'll learn the role "courage" had in making this decision and how her lessons can be apllied to everyday life. 


    To listen to past podcasts with various authors and entrepreneurs of note including Julia Cameron of the famous The Artist's Way, tune in here and here. 

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    The Courage To Win!

    in Self Help

    OPPORTUNITY.... is the "VEHICLE" that you drive to get you where you want to be: What are you driving? ~Ruth Artis-Woods

    Ruth firmly believes.... Life gets BETTER when WE get Better! Join Ruth for the NEW and IMPROVED "BeMpoweredLive" Blogcast. This week Ruth shares essential keys you will need to develop...  The Courage To Win!

    You will be inspired, encouraged and empowered to rise above mediocrity in every area of your life for success and personal victory.

    Make the Investment of 30 minutes in YOUSELF! Tune In for real talk, real solutions! Get ready to be awakened to becoming a stronger, more confident and authentic YOU! Mark your calender, invite your friends who are also looking for and wanting something more to join you on the call!  This 30 minutes may be the start of something new for you! This is the year to do things differently the ever before and then #WATCHGODWORK!

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    Phase 5: The Courage To Explore

    in Relationships

    Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone to The ChickS.H.Y.T. & Real Talk Radio Show.

    Tonight we are gonna continue our discussion on the Single Doesn't Equal Lonely series. There are 6 phases that we ALL go through when we are newly single, and unfortunately, some of us STAY locked in misery and loneliness because we may not quite UNDERSTAND that a phase is just that...a PHASE, a period of time necessary, good or bad, that one must go through in order to come out on the other side. We also must realize that a PHASE can last for as long as it takes for you to DECIDED that it's time to move on to the next thing. Fear can keep you stuck in a phase that isn't conducive to having a happy life.

    The phase we'll be discussing tonight is Phase 5: The Courage To Explore

    If YOU'VE got the courage...join The Divas AND the conversation

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    "Family Talk Wednesday" Finding the Courage to Move On

    in Dreams

    That ability to realize that you need to change something, then actually summoning up the courage and ability to take control and change it, takes a great deal of awareness and that same awareness will guide and carry you into that often-scary unknown. Understanding who we are apart from our situations allows us to recognize when we need to move on. Knowing what you want in life and having self-confidence and trust will allow you to then take those actions to look out for yourself.

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    A Christian's Courage Creates Prosperity

    in Christianity

    Christians are believers in Christ. Christians believe Christ was sent from heaven to earth by God and born in Bethlehem, in a stable on a cold night, that came to be known as Christmas. Christians believe Christ died a death of crucification for the sins of the world. Christians belief is that Jesus was crucified on Friday, and rose on Sunday morning. And that he remained on earth 40 days, and then he ascended to heaven to live with the Father God. Phillipians 4:12 I can do all things through Christ who strengthend me. John 14:12 He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; John 14:11 Let not your heart be troubled: John 14:16 And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with your for ever. John 14:13-16 And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do that the Father may be glorieid in the Son. If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do. A Christian's courage creates prosperity.