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Brain Injury Movement- Eggos, Pride and Disconnect

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Brain Injury Movement - Why its failed for decades - with Craig Sicilia

Egos, Pride and Disconnect,

Our movement is has been plagued by big egos where advocates argue about who is better who is more popular, even whose injury is worse.  The lack of willingness of our community to work with each other has crippled our movement for decades. As I learn about our moment in the 80' 90s and on I am beginning to understand why we are the silent or hidden epidemic, and why there is so much profit in us. 

It seems we will do anything for that moment of fame and judge one another while people using our voice for profit have been speaking for us profiting keeping us in a medical model leaving those who survive brain injury isolated and alone.

Every movement from the beginning of time has been successful because those effected always lead, what is happening now is apouling .  They put studies together of experts in living with a brain injury yet at the most there will be a token survivor or two.  It would be like the whites leading the civil rights movement or a male Moslem leading the woman movement. 

But there we are fighting among our selves stuck in our pride and egos not seeing the big picture.  We need to work together everything thinks they created these new ideas all of them have been used before but this is our time to empower each other to lead the path for future survivors what you going to do about fit each other or change our world.,